Sunday, June 16, 2013

6/16/13 Report - Dug Coin to Identify, Piece of Space Station Mir, Gold Finds, & Ring Returnd

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Coin Dug by and Photos by Michael E.

Michael would like some help in identifying this dug coin.  It is more difficult to key word search coins not written in our alphabet, but I'm sure someone out there can identify it.   Let me know if you can provide any information on this coin.   It seems to me there are some Greek characters such as Psi, Epsilon, and Chi, maybe.

Interesting find Michael, and thanks for the photos.

A man went hunting along a creek for arrowheads and found a piece of what turned out to be a part of the Russian space station Mir.

I talk about finding space debris on the Treasure Coast and there has been a lot of small pieces of titanium or space grade aluminum popping up on our beaches lately.

Another thing to notice in the above article is how the man picked up the green rock even though he didn't know what it was.  He just knew it looked unusual.  Learn to recognize when things just don't look natural, pick them up and then try to figure out what they might be.  They might turn out to be something interesting and possibly valuable.

Thanks to Ron B. for sending this link.

Ballast rocks, for example, sometimes are pretty obvious.  They just don't fit in with the types of rocks that are natural to Florida.  Recently I noticed and picked up a piece of granite with quartz on the beach.

Here is an unusually well written article by National Geographic on the Staffordshire Treasure.  Not only does it give a lot of nice photos, it discusses the kinds of things that people wonder about when they find and interesting item no matter where it is found.  Where did it come from, how did it get there, how was it lost, who had it, etc. etc.

Very good article.  Thanks to Christopher P. for sending that link

I get email from the nicest people.  They make contributions and help and encourage me a lot..  That is what keeps this blog going.  If you want to see more of one kind of treasure or learn more about one type of metal detecting, or whatever it is you want to read, send photos, articles, comments or questions.  That makes things much easier for me.

The NSA stuff is interesting to me in more than a passing way for a number of reasons.  I assume I'm not alone.  Some of the reasons I find it interesting is that  I once did a lot of government contract work, worked at a company that produced some of the most super of  the super-computers, still thoroughly enjoy data acquisition and analysis, on the beach or otherwise, and like to play with decoding.  When I began this blog I posted a few coded messages for people to decipher.

Some armchair treasure hunters like to solve coded messages.  Maybe I'll post some coded messages again some time in the future.

A few days ago I mentioned the $23,000 wedding ring that was accidentally sold in a box at a yard sale for $10.  The husband, not knowing that the ring was hidden in the box sold it when the wife was in the hospital giving birth.

Well the good news is that the ring was found and returned.

Here is that link.

Five gold figurines found in field in Denmark.  They weren't found at the same time.

When you find one nice or interesting article, more than likely there are more of the same, or at least similar or related articles.  Search the same area from time to time.  That first find can be a good indicator or more to come.  The follow-ups might not come quickly, just like the first find might not come quickly.  But one good find is something to remember.  Check the same area from time to time.

On the Treasure Coast it is another hot sunny day.  I hate those even though it usually means more swimmers and boaters.   As my poll showed, and as I've been showing lately, there are a number of modern jewelry finds.   I personally prefer cold, windy, rainy days.

As you probably know, the sun can cause serious problems for skin.  It might not show up right away, but when it does, it is too late to go back and undo it.   Protect yourself from the sun.

The wind, what little there is of it is mostly from the east/southeast.   Expect more mush and building sand on the beach fronts.

The surf is around 2 - 3 feet today, dropping down a little through the week.

Low tide will be around 8:30 PM.

This week might be a good time for a little shallow water hunting.

I hope you can help identify Michael's coin.  We usually do pretty good with coins, even foreign.

Happy hunting,