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11/1/14 Report - More on Hat Pins or Hat Badge And Other Finds. Hardee Hat Pin. Police Hat Badge. Holed Buffalo Nickle. Hem Weight.

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1916 Holed Buffalo Nickel
Find and photo by William M.

I hope your Halloween was all treats.  Here we are in he last two months of the year.  Seems like only yesterday we were beginning the new year.

There have been some nice finds lately despite the poor conditions.  I've been seeing some nice off-beach finds, and am still eagerly awaiting permission to give you the details on one very exciting project.

William M. made a couple of nice finds Wednesday.

One is this neat holed Buffalo Nickel.

He also found the hem weight shown below.

Hem weights were sown into the hem of military uniforms such as coats or frocks.

Lead Hem Weight
Find and photo by William M.

Lead weights were also used in dresses and curtains.

Hardee Hat Pin Find
Photo submitted by Jeff C.

Yesterday I posted this picture of a find sent in by one of the readers of this blog, Jeff C.  Today I'll post Southern Digger's helpful comments about this badge.

The hat badge you posted on Treasure Coast Beach Report, Oct. 30th, is known as a Hardee Hat pin. Of course, you probably already know that, but I will continue should you want to followup. It was designed by Gen. Hardee, worn on the front of the cap during the Third Seminole War; and, on the side of the Hardee Hat during the Civil War. They are not always found complete. I purchased one from a Civil War Relics dealer Larry Hicklin in the mid-70's for only $20 back then. I dug 3/4 of one years ago at Ft. Capron and found a perfect one on a fort dig in SW Florida. Also, have several pieces of these and another type of Seminole War era Eagle pin--maybe enough to have a rebuild. 

Concerning the above badge, Christopher P. found the following information on the internet.

Worn attached to the base of the pompon by all enlisted personnel, this brass eagle, similar in general design to that worn on the shako in the 1830's, stands with wings upraised, olive branch in right talon, three arrows in left talon, and a scroll, with national motto, in beak. Above are stars, clouds, and bursts of sun rays. Officers wore an eagle of similar design of gold embroidery on cloth.

Southern Digger commented on other topics saying,  BTW... I do enjoy the photos you post of the treasure coast beaches. The one posted today, Oct. 31st looks sharp. 

Police Hat Badge
Find and photo by Southern Digger.

I'm attaching a photo of another type of hat badge (left) I dug from Ft. Meade back about 1978. The Slave cabins which were on the site of Ft. Meade were tore down many years later by a former deputy of the Chicago Police Department, who had purchased the property. I attempted to prove this was from his police uniform but could not make the connection. I did learn through internet research that this hat badge is more of a style used by Florida and other southern states. You are welcome to post this.

Southern Digger 

Thanks a lot SD and Christopher!  Very interesting.

It is always nice to see what people are finding.  I was pleased to be able to show these finds today.

As I always say, "There is always some place to hunt and something to find."

Some nice cold air came in today.  On the Treasure Coast expect another calm surf on Saturday, increasing slighty Sunday, and up to around five feet by Monday.

Nothing to watch in the tropics right now.

Happy hunting,