Wednesday, November 12, 2014

11/12/14 Report - Inland Hunting Versus Beach Hunting, 2000 Year-Old Corded Pot Sherds Found

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Find and photo by William M.

Here is a nice silver quarter find by William M.
He has been detecting off beach.  People do that more when beach conditions are not so good.

If you think about it, there is a lot more land in the U. S. than there is beach.  The beach is only a very narrow strip.

If you fly over the U. S. you'll see thousands of square miles of land that has not been detected or detected very little.

The main difference between beach hunting is the constant churn or turnover in the tidal area. 

There are a lot of differences between beach and inland hunting, but there are a lot of similarities too.

In future posts I'll talk about some of the differences and different strategies and techniques.  The biggest thing about working a beach is the sifting and sorting done by the water and waves.  The longer things are out there the more they will be sorted.  That means that you can hit it really good when you are able to get to where the gold has accumulated. 

When hunting dry land there can be accumulations too.  There are lakes, streams, etc. but there is erosion from rain too.  I hit one small area that held a good number of coins on an old path recently where the path narrowed.  There were steep cliffs on both sides of the path, and the path also got suddenly steeper and there were big tree roots sticking out.  I'd bet that a good bit of that concentration of coins was caused by people coming down the path slipping in rain or snow or tripping over the roots. 

In the near future, I'll probably be talking more about some of the similarities and differences between inland and beach hunting and the different strategies and techniques.

Pot Shards
Here are some finds from up north.  I said I'd show you some older stuff.  These are estimated to be up to between 2000 and 2500 years old.

You can see the chord marks.  They are all corded.  Some are tempered with limestone and some have bits of ground clamshells.

An Inside Surface.

Here are a couple of close-ups.

Keep your eyes open and be aware of non-metallic items that you might see.

These are from a large camp area on private property which has been investigated heavily by archaeologists.

An Outside Surface.

On the Treasure Coast it looks like we'll be having a one to two foot surf most of the time, with maybe a couple of days a foot bigger.  That won't really create good beach conditions.  It has really been a slow year for hunting older things on the Treasure Coast beaches.  It has got to change some time.  Don't fall asleep and miss it when it finally happens.

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