Thursday, November 6, 2014

11/6/14 Report - Meteorite Men. Gem Stones From Outer Space. Plastic Coins Coming. Gold Coin Prices.

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ET Gem Stones.
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Did you know that you can find gem stones that come from out space?   The TV show Meterorite Men was on last night, and they were hunting a site where meteorites were found containing gem stones supposedly formed in an inner crust of a meteorite. 

I've said before that I like watching that program.  I don't know why, but I do.  I suppose that one reason is that they use metal detectors.  Another reason is I like to see how meteorites are distributed and where they are found as well as how they are identified.

Here is one very good web site about meteorites.

Here is a web site with information about peridot gem stones formed in a meteorite.


Will metal detectors become useless for coin shooting?  Definitely yes for some new coins.   Coins made of plastic or composites are being introduced in one part of the world.

According to Pravda, “Coins made of plastic will be introduced in circulation from 22 August 2014 and will have a parallel circulation with paper money of the same denomination.”

Sources indicate the new coins are made of a special texture with contour elements, micro-printing, and with reflection of light when exposed to ultraviolet and infrared lighting. Plans call for the new coins to circulate simultaneously with bank notes of the same denominations, the bank notes eventually being phased out at some date not yet announced.

The yellow-brown color 1-ruble coin depicts A.V. Suyorov, is round, and has a diameter of 26 millimeters. The green 3-ruble coin depicts F.P. De Volan, is square and has a diameter of 26mm. The blue pentagonal shaped 5-ruble coin depicts P.A. Rumyantsey and has a diameter of 28mm. The red hexagonal shaped 10 rubles depicts Russian Empress Catherine II (“the Great”) and has a diameter of 28mm.

Here is the link for the source.


Heritage gold coins bring high bides.

A Carson City gold $20 led the pack at the Professional Numismatists Guild New York Invitational Signature Auction conducted Oct. 8-13 by Heritage.

Graded VF-30 by the Professional Coin Grading Service, the 1870-CC double eagle fetched $188,000, including a 17.5 percent buyer’s fee.

The cataloger said only 35-45 pieces exist and none is in Mint State.

Here is the link to read more of that article.


It can be beneficial in many ways to entertain challenging beliefs, but only if you are able to entertain them fairly for at least a brief time.  If challenging ideas immediately cause an emotional response, there is little chance that they will be "fairly" entertained long enough to obtain any benefit from the encounter.  If I have a bias, it is probably more towards the side of science, which, as an academic course in the philosophy of science would teach, is also based upon philosophy and requires that certain philosophical positions be accepted.

An idea doesn't have to be true to be beneficial.  Science fiction, for example, can stimulate the development of very useful ideas.


We had a beautiful full moon last night.  The tides are pretty big.

On the Treasure Coast the surf will be decreasing a bit every day for a few days and then maybe we'll see a bump again.

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