Tuesday, November 18, 2014

11/18/14 Report - Treasure Coast Finds. Moccassins Found. Clone Wooly Mammoth

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More 2014 Treasure Coast Finds From Michael E.
Photo submitted by Michael E.

Notice the label on the Tiffany ring.

The pin on the upper left is from a military institute.

Nice finds Michael!  Thanks for sharing.


Here is a cool article about moccasins found in a Utah cave.  A large number of those found were children's.   What does that have to do with metal detecting?  Read on.


Did you ever notice the large number of shoes and flip flops etc. that you can find on a beach?  If you picked them up you would have a large collection.

A lot of those shoes are children's shoes.  Why?  It is not just because there are more children.  I think it is fairly safe to assume that children are more likely to lose their shoes than adults, especially little children, who can't wait to pull off both socks and shoes.  That is something to take into account.  You can't simply say that there were larger numbers of children simply because you find a lot of children's shoes.  There is more to it than that.  I can think of other things that might affect the relatively large number of children's shoes that you find on a beach.  Children aren't always concerned about losing things - even shoes.  Children might also be harder on shoes, and children's shoe might also be discarded when they no longer fit.

Thinking about who loses what, where and why can help you a lot when it comes to metal detecting.  This is not just about the shoes or moccasins.


Scientists plan to recreate a woolly mammoth from frozen remains found in Siberia.



With the cold front moving through and the North wind some sand will be moved.  I don't know just where yet, but there surely will be a few small cuts.  The wind changed this morning, but the swells didn't change until this afternoon.

I'll be checking to see what happened, if anything.

Happy hunting,