Saturday, November 29, 2014

11/29/14 Report - Big Cuts On A Few Treasure Coast Beaches This Morning. Level 2 Beach Detecting Conditions On Treasure Coast.

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The main topic for today is the erosion caused by yesterday's North winds.  There is good erosion on some beaches, but not all.  Nonetheless, I'm not expecting much in the way of centuries old stuff showing up yet.  It just doesn't seem to be quite enough, yet you might be able to find a very few spots where conditions are affected by some local feature that produce something very old.

 The top picture shows a cut that is about five feet high.  It was photographed this morning near low tide.

The top step of that cut was created a few days ago, and the bottom step was created late yesterday or last night.

While some spots did erode last night, beach conditions did not change a lot last night.  The beaches were generally not much changed since yesterday except for a few short areas.

This morning I saw two beaches with cuts up to five feet high.  As I said, that was not all new erosion.

Notice the different layers shown in the last photo.  You can see part of a shell layer near the toe of the cut.  It was composed of large shells.

That beach also had a lot of shells near the water line, along with a few fossils.

There is still a lot of sand on the beach front, and the slope in front of the cut is not firm.

When you see the cuts it looks good but when you investigate the sand in front of the cut, not so good.

I'd give this a level 2 beach conditions rating.  In the terms that I have been using I'd call it a minimal two - almost here but not quite.

I've been struggling with the terminology  for a level two rating.  I think I'm going to start calling it "slightly improved" or "transitional."  It is definitely better than a level 1, but not yet good either.  And the word "fair" doesn't seem quite right either. 

Well that is the main thing for today.  You might be able to find an isolated spot where something centuries old will pop up but that will be rare at this point.  In general beach conditions are just slightly better than poor despite the relatively big cuts. 

On the Treasure Coast we're supposed to have a 3 - 5 foot for at least a few days.  Unfortunately, the wind direction will be more Easterly later today.  That is not encouraging.  I'd rather have continuing North winds.

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