Sunday, November 2, 2014

11/2/14 Report - Excellent Seated Quarter Found. More On The Hardee Hat Pin Find. 17th Century Hoard. Increasing Surf.

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I always like to celebrate first finds, and I have a picture of one recently made by one of the friends of this blog.

He saidWow!  I just found this Seated Liberty Quarter a few hours ago.  Can't say that I ever expected to find a US coin this old and in this condition in Florida.

It is my first Seated Liberty coin and my oldest US coin find.

You've said it before and I've found it personally to be true, that once you find something the odds improve on finding another.  I sure hope so in this case.

Great find!  Thanks for sharing.


Here is a great little video showing a hoard of 17h Century artifacts that were found in a sealed space under a stone floor.

The video presents some good information and shows a lot of artifacts. 

Here is the link.   I think you'll enjoy it.


This picture showing the Hardee Hat Pin as it would have been worn, was sent by Christopher P.

Jeff C., who found he dug Hardee pin that I showed the other day had his to say about he find.

When I found it i didn't know what it was .  It felt so light and tinny I thought it was from some kids toy.. Then one day while researching some buttons I had found I saw the exact eagle clutching arrows and realized it was a union soldiers hat pin... Just wanted you to know its story.

That happens.  Hang onto nice items when you are not sure of the identity.  It can make a big difference when you clean or sell or display them.   In time you might learn enough to completely change your opinion.


We're getting close to a time when I'll be able to tell you about one exciting project that I didn't have permission to describe yet.

Some of the snow birds are back.

We don't have any tropical activity to watch now.  For you Florida natives, you might be thinking more of Polar activity with this cool air.

The surf has begun to increase a little, but only up to about three feet today.   The wind is from the North.  The surf will increase a couple more feet the next couple of days.  Maybe that will help some.

Happy hunting,