Saturday, November 22, 2014

11/22/14 Report - Big Waves On Treasure Coast But Beach Detecting Conditions Rating Stays At Level 2. A Few Beaches Are Eroded. Olive Jar Shard Found.

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I took a look at a good sample of the treasure beaches this morning to see what was going on.

Wabasso Beach This Morning Just a Little After High Tide.
Wabasso Beach was among the most promising of the beaches that I saw this morning.  I did a little detecting to check it out.  Most good targets, including mostly modern era coins, were down the slope a ways from the cut.  The cut was not a long cut, but was about a foot or a little more in some areas.  It might be worth checking at low tide.

Seagrape and Turtle Trails had almost no erosion.  In fact it seemed to be accumulating for the most part.

Turtle Trail This Morning Just After High Tide.

Sea Grape Trail Looking South This Morning Just After High Tide.

John Brooks This Morning Near High Tide.
John Brooks was still cut and the waves were bigger now but most of the erosion there happened back Tuesday or Wednesday when the front first came through and we had the North winds.  The higher waves have not done much of anything since then.

The wind has now shifted and the waves are hitting pretty much from the East along theTreasure Coast.

There was scattered rain along the coast this morning too.

The wind and waves will be shifting soon and the waves will be hitting more from the South.  That is something important to watch.  The sand will shift, filling or making new cuts, as the waves hit at different angles.

Pepper Park was not cut at all.

Treasure Shores and Golden Sand are closed.  They decided to do beach renourishment just before the winter erosion season.   I guess they don't want the new sand to stay more than a few weeks.

November is often a good treasure detecting season.  You might recall the much talked about and celebrated Thanksgiving storm when a lot of treasure washed out of the dunes.

The peak months, from my experience, are November through February.

I'm not changing my Treasure Coast Treasure Beach Detecting Conditions Rating.  I'm sticking with a minimal 2.

A few beaches account for the 2 level rating,  Many have no erosion at all.

The waves are crashing on the shallow sand on the front of the beach.  That area will have to change to uncover the old stuff.

Olive Jar Shard.
Find and photo by William M.

William M. found a piece of olive jar a few days ago after the front first came through.  It matches the olive jar neck that he found before.

Congratulations William!

This lighter stuff will show up first.  Look through any big shell piles.

Expect up to about a six foot surf Saturday and Sunday.  Unfortunately the wind direction will be coming more from the South, so I'm not expecting much more improvement.

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