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11/30/14 Report - Up To Ten Foot Surf Predicted For Treasure Coast. Beach Coin Accumulations. GoPro Drones.

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Here is the tide prediction chart for the Fort Pierce area from Magic Seaweed.  They are predicting 6 - 10 feet a week from Monday.  Now that should do the job if the wind direction is at all favorable.

See the main page in this blog for the Magic Seaweed link to the surf prediction charts.

Trouble is, the seven to ten-day projections are not very accurate.  From what I've seen of their predictions, there is only about a 10 percent chance that the large surf predicted for Dec. 8 will actually be that large.  But if it is, combined with what has been happening and assuming nothing real negative happening before then, it could get good.

For now I'm sticking with my level 2 beach conditions rating.  I'm now calling level 2 "transitional."  It isn't poor, like summer conditions, yet it isn't good enough to call good. 

I'll be reassessing my beach detecting conditions rating tomorrow.  And I'll also be watching to see if the surf predictions from Magic Seaweed changes.


Southern Digger has been metal detecting for a long time.  I've posted some of his emails before.  Here are some tips he recently sent me.

I have experienced these repetitive coin wash-ups on wet sand/dry sand beaches and have done well in the coin take. I have learned to read the beach vs wind direction and wind strength to locate these places. First, if the wind is blowing about 20 mph out of the NNE to NE or from the SSE to SE; and if the tide is incoming; I look for where the waves hit the cut. If the wind was NNE to NE, I follow the bluff southerly until it gradually discontinues into a sloping beach. Most coins that ht the base of the cut are quickly pulled back into the roiling surf and pushed in a southerly direction. Once the cut ceases into a sloping beach, the coins are free to be pushed up the slope and quickly covered by sand. The same holds true on a SSE or SE strong wind and the coins are deposited on the north end of a discontinued cut. My last experience occurred at Ft. Lauderdale Beach. I found coins on the washed beach slope some 50-75 feet south of the cut. Soon as I clean out the coins; I wait 5-10 minutes and all is replenished. I worked this continually-producing bank deposit for some 45 minutes until the rising tide and diminishing winds altered the physical conditions that initially provided the deposit. I don't recall how many coins I recovered that day but it was a net bag load.

Thanks for sharing S. D.


This from the Fisher organization in Key West -  Although inclement weather has kept the boats in port through the last couple of weeks, the crews have been staying busy with preventative maintenance and up keep.


GoPro Drone
Source: link found in this post.

C Man sent me this link about GoPro developing a line of consumer drones.  I've talked about GoPro before.  They are used on some of the metal detector TV programs.  They can be mounted on headgear or on a detector rod.

These drones could be used to check out a long stretch of beach or other things.  Could be very useful.

Thanks C Man.


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