Wednesday, November 19, 2014

11/19/14 Report - Cold Front Brings North Winds and Cuts Some Treasure Coast Beaches. Minimal Beach Detecting Conditions Upgrade.

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Global warming strikes again.

As the front came through yesterday the wind picked up and is now comiing from the North.  Yesterday I said I expected some sand to be moved, and this morning I went out to check it out.  Below is what I found.

One Cut Treasure Coast Beach This Morning Looking South

Same Treasure Coast Beach This Morning Looking North
Three Foot Cut At Same Beach
 The beach above was cut for hundreds of yards.  The cut was from about one foot to just over two feet.  The front beach was not firm.  There were not many targets of any kind here.  The swash was only about ten yards in front of the cut.

Larger Cut At Another Treasure Coast Beach

Shells Being Uncovered On Same Treasure Coast Beach
 The first beach is natural sand, but the second beach (last two photos) was also cut but only in renourishment sand.  Plenty of shells were just under the surface.  There were many iron targets here as well as a few coins.

One beach I looked at had no cuts.  In fact sand was accumulating there.

As you might know, the original purpose of this blog was to keep you up to date on the changing conditions of the Treasure Coast treasure beaches.   The conditions have been so consistently poor that I quit giving a rating when it was the same day after day.  I started to only comment on conditions when there is a significant change.

I use a five-point rating scale for treasure beach detecting conditions.  A "1" rating indicates poor conditions, which we've had a lot of this year and last year, and a "5" indicates excellent conditions, like you normally get only after something like a hurricane.

Today I'm actually going to issue a beach detecting conditions rating upgrade, but only to a 2.   It is a minimal 2 at that.  If I gave fractional ratings, this would be more like a 1.5.

The cuts are scattered.  And they are not real good, but there is the distinct possibility of one or two old pieces of treasure to show up on the beaches.  The probabilities are low though.  Like I said, I'm only expecting very few, maybe one or two to show up.

More sand will need to be moved to improve increase the probabilities.  It is worth keeping an eye on for the next couple of days.

Once again this shows that the direction of the wind and waves is as important as the size of the waves for creating erosion.

At Jupiter Inlet beach it looks like they are doing another project.  You can see the bull dozier at work. (Thanks to GoSports1 for pointing this out.)

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