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11/8/14 Report - America Unearthed Talks To James Kennedy and Shows Carved Fossil Bone Finds From Vero

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I was watching America Unearthed Thursday evening and saw James Kennedy, who found the famous fossil bone with a mammoth carved on it, and he showed another impressive fossil bone carving that could be even more important.  This goes right along with the Time Upside Down book that I mentioned a few days ago.  These finds could drastically change the timeline for the first humans in Florida.

I don't have time to write much today, so here is the link you can read it for yourself.

These are local finds, as you might know.

Here is the link to the America Unearthed site telling about the same episode.

I think you'll enjoy reading both of these.

I might follow up with the significance of some of this in the near future when I find time.

And below is one more link you might like.

Archaeological Dig. 
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Note the fellow with the detector.

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