Wednesday, November 5, 2014

11/514 Report - Update On Beach Conditions. Time Upside Down, A Book About When Things Are Not Where They Are Supposed To Be.

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Treasure Coast Beach That Lost a Little More Sand Last Night.
It was good and windy this morning.  I checked out the beach again today to see what happened with the last two high tides. 

The beach shown here got a little steeper since yesterday.  Still it is not cut, but the front is steeper, and the front of the beach is a little more firm. 

The photo below shows how far back the water got on the flat part of that beach.  That shows that the water was pretty high.

There was a layer of shells and sea weed that could be seen about a foot below the flat beach.

Flat Beach On Same Beach.

You can see how far the sea weed was washed back.

One "Almost" Cut On Same Beach
There was a little loss of sand but not enough for me to increase my Treasure Coast Beach Detecting Conditions Rating.


Here is an interesting book, Time Upside Down, by Ereich Von Fange. You don't have to agree with the author's conclusions to appreciate the book.  It questions many important prevailing "scientific" ideas. 

If you can answer the questions raised in the book for yourself one way or the other that is fine.  I think you'll be better off by entertaining the questions no matter what conclusion you come to as long as you genuinely think about it with an open mind.

The book talks about evidence that challenges the prevailing notions of time, such as how man-made items were found embedded in coal when the coal was supposed formed long before man was on the scene.  Also things like how were tracks made by dinosaurs and man made together in the same layer of rock when they were not supposed to exist at the same time?

The book talks a lot about how things have been found where they shouldn't be.

Here is a link to get you started with one chapter that I thought was interesting, but you might want to back up and read the entire book

If you want to read more of the same book, you can find the index here.

I've commented in this blog before how I don't trust a lot the scientific dating.  I've personally seen what looks like sand stone form in less than two years.

Check this book out.  I think you'll find it interesting.


The surf on the Treasure Coast was about 4 feet today.  It will be decreasing a bit every day for a few days now.

I'm not expecting anything exciting in that time frame.

Happy hunting,