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11/9/14 Ancient Glitter Covered Tunnel With Artifacts. Beach Gold Prospecting and Mining In Alaska. 10,000 Year Old Arrowhead Found By Ten Year Old.

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Source: Telegraph.Co.Uk link below.

An interesting 2000-year-old tunnel below the Temple of the Plumed Serpent is coated with powdered glitters so that when a torch is lit it appears to sparkle like the night sky.  The 340-foot tunnel has yielded thousands of relics.

Here is the link to the video.

Source: web site linked below.

Maybe you've watched the TV show Berring Sea Gold.  Don't you love to see those guys dredging under the ice?  

Prospectors have worked the beaches around Nome with a variety of types of equipment.  I've never seen anything about anyone nugget shooting with detectors on the beaches there.  I'm sure they so if it works.

Anyhow here is a web site with a lot of great information about gold mining in that area.  Included is information about old creek beds that are now under water off shore and a lot of other good information.

It is worth remembering, that like up there, our beaches were once way out from where they are now.  There is a lot of archaeology to be done under he water.

Here is a link to that jam-packed site about gold mining along the beaches of Nome.

A 10 year old boy found a 10,000 year old arrowhead on a New Jersey beach. 

Here is the link for the story and video.

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