Sunday, November 16, 2014

11/16/14 Report - 15 Million Year Old Shark Skeleton Found in Back Yard. More Treasure Coast Finds. Erosion Found On One T. C. Beach.

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A Few More 2014 Finds By Michael E.\
Photo submitted by Michael E.

Here are some more 2014 finds from Michael E.  I showed some of his gold finds from this year a day or two ago.

Congratulations Michael!

Anyone know about the U. S. Customs pin?

Nice Indian Head!


A complete skeleton of a 15 million year old Snaggle Tooth shark was found in the backyard of a Maryland home.


Typical Treasure Coast Beach This Morning

Here is a typical Treasure Coast beach.  Sand has been accumulating on this front beach lately.

This photo was taken near low tide this morning.

The surf is going to around three or four feet until Tuesday.

I did find one beach that had some cuts.  As you might expect, the erosion was in renourishment sand.  One poor turtle was tricked by that and the eggs were being uncovered.

One to Two Foot Cut On One Treasure Coast Beach This Morning Near Low Tide
You can see a smattering of shells and a little black sand.  There were coins and thing below the cut.

Too bad this renourishment sand doesn't seem to hold much of anything any good.

A few older items evidently washed up onto the beach here.

Waves In Front Of The Cut Beach.

One of the most important things I've learned about in recent years is the effect of the trigger point.  I've explained a little about trigger points in previous posts. Maybe I'll expand on that soon.

It looks like the surf will only bump up a foot or two in the next week or so.  Too bad.

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