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8/10/16 Report - Beach Erosion Exposes Petroglyphs. $35,000 Quarter. Shout Out To Those Who Dig Everything.

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One of Many Petroglyphs Carved In Sandstone Revealed When Sand Washed Away
Source: Honolulu Star Advertiser (link below)
Two visitors last month discovered large petroglyphs etched into sandstone on the Waianae Coast. At least 17 figures, believed to be created by aboriginal inhabitants of the Waianae coast, stretch over about 60 feet of beach, the U.S. Army and Department of Land and Natural Resources said in a news release today...

Really neat!  Some tourists from Texas just happened to discover the petroglyphs as they were exposed.  These are the first found directly on a Hawaiian shoreline.

The pertroglyphs could have been exposed and discovered before, but this is the first time they were reported to officials.

I'm sure there are more to be found in Hawaii and elsewhere.  I always say to check out any significant erosion. You never know what might be uncovered.

Here is the link for the entire story.


Maybe you heard about the 1970 U. S. error quarter that is being offered for $35,000. It was printed over top of a 1941 Canadian quarter.

Before you go checking your change, the error quarter is a proof quarter.  Proof coins are intended for circulation.  You usually don't get those in change, but it does happen.  Sometimes somebody breaks into a collection and spends some proof coins. You might remember that I reported receiving three proof quarters in change not long ago.  It doesn't happen often though.

Error Quarter and Type of Canadian Quarter That It Was Printed On.
Source: link below.
Here is the link for more about that.


I want to give a extra shout out to the people who dig everything and dispose of the trash.  There aren't many like that any more, but there are some.  They improve our beaches.  Thank you!

Discrimination increases the concentration of beach trash.  If you continually remove the good items while leaving the trash, the trash continues to accumulate.  If it weren't for the people who dig and dispose of trash, our swimming beaches would already be a solid blanket of bottle caps, pull tabs and other trash.

Some of our beaches are now very clean.   And I do mean very clean!   That is because some people dig the trash and remove it.

Many beaches that have a limited amount of trash, have predominantly one or two kinds of trash, depending on who detects there and what kind of discrimination they use.  I was at one beach yesterday, that mostly had beer bottle caps, and not much of any other kind of trash.

If you want to clean a beach, you don't have to dig everything all the time.  If you only dig and remove some trash each time, it will help.  When you clean a beach, you just might be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

As usual, the heavy lifting is done by a few and other people benefit as well.

There are some people who are adamant about filling holes and properly disposing of trash.   I can't really see much difference between digging trash and not disposing of it and not digging the trash at all.  The results of both are increased concentrations of trash.

If you aren't able bodied or just don't have the energy, don't be offended, I'm not judging.  Or if you think you need every little advantage you can get just to compete, I'm tolerant of that as well.  I'm just pointing out what happens, and hoping you might consider the results.


The most read blog post of July was the  7/15/16 Report -  New 1715 Fleet Finds From The Crew Of The Capitana.  Treasure Coast Waterway Cleanup.

Yesterday's post received a good number of Google Pluses.  Thanks much.


There is one weather disturbance up by the Florida/Alabama coast.  It won't affect us.

Expect more calm surf on the Treasure Coast.

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