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8/19/16 Report - 68 Karat Treasure Coast Emerald Find. More On The Recent 1809 8-Escudo. Tropical Storms.

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The 68 Karat Emerald Found At Golden Sands Beach.
Photos submitted by Darrel S.

This emerald was found while the lady below was collecting shells at Golden Sands beach.  She took it to the McLarty Museum and showed it to Ed Perry, who took the photos.  Ed sent an email to Darrel S. who sent the photos and information to me.

Lady Who Found 68 Karat Emerald On Treasure Coast Beach.
Photo submitted by Darrel S.
Unlike the coin I showed the discussed the past couple of days, this emerald is not a new find.  It was found back around 2005.

People sometimes ask me where to detect. I've been posting a lot of finds lately and sometimes even telling you where they were found.  That should give you some ideas.


A few days ago I was talking about thumb rings and gimmel rings and showed some pictures from James Planche's book, An Illustrated Dictionary of Historic Costume, From the First Century B C. to c. 1760.   Larry had a book that was printed in 1940 in which the same illustrations and text appeared, so it looks like the information that I presented came from an earlier source than the one I referenced.   Thanks Larry.


The 1809 8-escudo that I showed yesterday shows FERDIN VII in the legend, which would undoubtedly refer to Fernando VII who took the throne in 1808 but who was not the king in 1809 when the coin was made.  Fernando VII was replaced by Napolean's brother, Jose Bonapart, from 1808 to 1814 before Fernando was returned to the throne.

That type of coin ( referrred to as type 15 in Monedas Espanolas desde Juana y Carlos a Isabel II ) was made in years 1808 through 1812.  Assayer H.J. is listed only for the years 1809 -1811.

There appears to be a long unbroken series of silver coins for each year leading up to 1810 in the Florida Collection.  I'd guess probably from wrecks affected by the 1810 hurricane.


Fiona still is headed for Bermuda.  It appears that another storm is forming behind Fiona.

The tides are fairly large now, but the surf will remain small for at least a few more days.

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