Sunday, August 7, 2016

8/7/16 Report - Initials On 1715 Fleet Gold Ring? Vintage Sells. Golden Age Hollywood Jewelry. Two Weather Systems To Watch.

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Letters on Clasped Hand Ring Ponted Out By Dan B.
Here is one of the gold rings found by the Capitana guys not long ago.  I posted a picture of the same ring not before.  Dan discovered that the ring has two sets of letters on it, one set below each hand. The red arrow in the picture points to the initials on the left hand.  You can see where those letters are if you look closely.

On the one hand is "ai" and on the other is "ie."  They could be initials.  One set could be for the owner and one set for a close friend.  Let me know what you think.

Dan also sent the following additional view of the two recently found rings and said that the "life ring" appears to have a volcano on it.

Two Rings Recently Found by The Capitana Guys
Photo submitted by Dan B.
Additional 1715 Fleet items are being found daily.


Sometimes things are worth more than you might think.   You might remember the copper thunderbird pendant that I showed not long ago (6/26/16).  I found it up at the old Chuck's Steakhouse when it was still standing.  I didn't pay any attention to the find at the time.  It wasn't the kind of thing that I was looking for and it didn't impress me at all.

Although I don't sell much of anything, somebody wanted it, and it sold for a nice price.

A lot of the items I found years ago are now vintage. Some of those had some age on them when they were found.

There are collectors for all kinds of things out there, if you can find them.  The items don't have to be silver or gold.  It is largely a matter of connecting items with the people that will most appreciate them.


Sometimes it isn't the precious metals or gems, or even the fine craftsmanship that makes something valuable.  Sometimes it is the story.

Collectors Weekly had an article about Golden Age Hollywood jewelry made by Eugene Joseff. Joseff made many of the most iconic movie pieces.  You've undoubtedly seen some of them.

Here is one paragraph from that article.

“This is where we keep the most famous pieces,” says Michele, pointing to a circular glass display case in the corner. There’s Elizabeth Taylor’s serpent belt from “Cleopatra,” Marilyn Monroe’s pearl earrings from “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,” Scarlet O’Hara’s necklace, and Rhett Butler’s cigar case. Not to mention Jean Harlow’s glamorous “Libeled Lady” brooch, Judy Garland’s “Ziegfeld Follies” lariat necklace, and the exotic bird bracelets from “Desert Hawk.”
Here is the link to read more about that.


Here are some valuable skills for any detectorist or treasure hunter.  They come from Martin Cohen's book, Critical Thinking Skills for Dummies Cheat Sheet.

Tolerance: Critical Thinkers delight in hearing divergent views and enjoy a real debate.

Analytical skills: Critical Thinkers don’t accept just any kind of talking. They want properly constructed arguments that present reasons and draw sound conclusions.

Confidence: Critical Thinkers have to be a little bit confident to be able to examine views that others present — often people in authority.

Curiosity: Critical Thinkers need curiosity. It may have killed the cat, but curiosity is the essential ingredient for ideas and insights.

Truth-seeking: Critical Thinkers are on mission 'objective truth' — even if it turns out to undermine their own previously held convictions and long-cherished beliefs and is flat against their self-interest.

Here is the link if you want to read more about that.


Two Tropical Disturbances Now.
Tropical Storm Earl has disappeared, but a second disturbance is now working its way northwest near the Bahamas.

Both disturbances have only a small chance of becoming a cyclone in the next few days.

Nothing but a one or two foot surf is projected for the Treasure Coast for a week or two.

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