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8/6/16 Report - Mystery Find Analyzed and Identified. Orichalcum Ingots, Why I Do This. Land Finds. New Weather Disturbance Near Florida.

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Previously Posted Unidentified Find 
Photo submitted by Bernie C.
In my 6/24/16 post I reported on the above find made by Jason F. and commented that it might be tumbaga.  The item has been analyzed and was found to be 61% copper, 38% zinc and 1% gold. Now we know what it is made of.

Bernie C. sent me a link to an article describing a 2,600-year-old shipwreck on which was found 39 ingots of orichalcum.  Take a look.  Those ingots look very similar to the newly found Treasure Coast piece.

Shipwreck Ingots of Orichalcum.
Source: Daily Origins article link below.
That shipwreck was found in the Mediterranean, but similar ores are found in Latin America. Copper and zinc are often associated in nature and alloyed to make brass.

Back in the day this ore was valued second to only gold.

Here is the link for the article on the 2,600-year-old shipwreck and orichalcum.

Questions remain.  How did this item get lost on the Treasure Coast?

You never know when the next interesting find will be made or what it will be.  The find is just the first step towards learning the story behind it.

Congratulations to Jason F. for making this exciting find, and thanks to Bernie C. for reporting it to me.


Shortly after starting this blog, someone asked me why I did it.  I don't post ads or sell anything.  I don't promote myself.  In fact, I do my best to keep myself anonymous.  I don't get money for clicks of views, and I don't take financial contributions, although there have been offers.  So why do I do it?

I do it because I enjoy learning and sharing what I learn.  I do it to promote the hobby that I've enjoyed, and to help people become involved with history in a way that preserves history.  I do it to share ideas and values that are important to me.

I've done a lot of posts now, have received complaining emails from only three people, as best as I can recall.  On the other hand the blog has received well over one million hits and many times that number of page views.   I receive emails of thanks daily, and I receive many contributions in the form of links, information, pictures and ideas.  That helps me tremendously, and I appreciate all of that.  Despite publishing anonymously, I've made many friends, the vast majority of which I never met. 

I make every decision about what goes into the blog, spend hours in research, which I enjoy, and a lot of time writing, which I do not enjoy as much.

If I quit doing this blog, or if I change this blog in any way, the decision will be made simply because I feel like doing something different. 

This blog isn't for everybody.  Those who come here, come here on their own.  I don't even promote the blog, let alone ask anyone to read it.  I just put it out there, and hundreds of people decide on their own to visit daily.  That is something I like about the internet. Readership is self-selecting.  People make up their own mind about where they will spend their time.  I'm just being me, and so that is what you see here and will see here as long as I choose to do it.  If anyone influences me at all, it is the many kind and helpful people who have become my friends through this blog.


Not only does Dan B. salvage 1715 Fleet items, he also does some land hunting.  Here are a few of his land finds.  First, is this nice ornate sterling silver ring.

Silver Ring Find by Dan B.
Photo by Dan B.

Below are some more of Dan's land finds including a silver dime, some wheaties and a nice trade token.

More Recent Land Finds by Dan B.

The trade token reads, "Good for trade 5 cents."   Dan says it also bears the number 31549.  If you can provide any information about the token, please let me know.

Thanks for sharing Dan.



We now have a new disturbance up by Apalachicola. I don't expect it to affect the Treasure Coast much.

Happy hunting,