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8/21/16 Report - Three 16th Century Shipwrecks Found Off Florida Coast. More On The Beach Cache or Caches. Atlantic Storms.

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It's relatively common to find debris from rocket launches in the waters off Cape Canaveral in Florida, but divers exploring the seabed recently uncovered artifacts from an age of exploration long before America's space program: 22 cannons and a marble monument in what they think are three 16th-century Spanish shipwrecks.
The finds include three ornate bronze cannons — two that are 10 feet (3 meters) long and one that is 7 feet (2 m) long — and the marble monument, engraved with the coat of arms of the king of France, which has been identified from the manifest of a 1562 expedition to Florida by the French navigator and colonialist Jean Ribault...
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Yesterday I had what I would call a very good post for you.  Scott's story illustrates the kind of thing we all like about metal detecting.  I enjoyed it very much because it is the kind of thing we all can relate to.

After discussing the cache some more with both Darrel and Scott, it appears that there might have been some confusion.  It is looking like there could possibly have been two different Bobs and two different caches. There are details that match and detail that don't.  It sounds like there are two different Bobs.  And there are two different locations given by the different reports. Yet the two independent descriptions of the cache are extremely similar, including the type and number of cobs.  It would be very interesting if there were two very similar caches found at the base of the eroded dunes at two different beaches.  (I don't have permission to give the one location.)  That would bring up some questions.

This confusion does not diminish the value or interest of Scott's and Darrel's accounts. It actually makes the story all the more intriguing.   Think about it.  Two different caches composed of a very similar number of exceptionally nice 8-reales, both found at the base of newly eroded dunes.

It is just the nature of treasure stories to leave some unanswered questions.

Thanks to both Scott and Darrel for their stimulating accounts.


There are three weather systems in the Atlantic now.  The first is Tropical Storm Fiona, which seems to still be headed towards Bermuda.

The second has a lower chance of becoming a cyclone real soon, but the projected path for it comes closer to Florida.  It is about five days away.  We'll have to wait to see where it actually goes.

The newest has a strong chance of becoming a cyclone in the next couple of days, but is expected to head north into the North Atlantic.

The nine to fourteen foot surf prediction disappeared in a hurry.  Now it is nothing like that.

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