Monday, August 1, 2016

8/1/16 Report - Peat On Estuarine Beaches and Numerous Old Finds by GoldNugget. Storm Forming In Caribbean.

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North Carolina Beach Showing Peat and Stubble.
Photo by GoldNugget.
 Peat is something you might see on estuarine beaches.

That is from Estuarine Beaches by Karl Malstrom..

Below is a closer view.

Closer View of Same Beach
Photo by GoldNugget
This area produced a lot of nice old finds that you will see below.

Silver Dollar, Large Cent, Flying Eagle Cent, etc.
Photo by Gold Nugget
And here are more finds shown individually, all found and photographed by GoldNugget.

Great finds!  Thanks for sharing!

Coins and other metal items buried in organic material will often heavily corrode due to the acidic nature of the ground.

There are some places along the Treasure Coast where peat is buried under the sand of the dunes. Fossils can be found there.

There was a time back a few decades ago when I saw a lot of old tree stumps in the water north of Colored Beach.


There is a good chance that a storm will develop south of Jamaica later today.  That is something to keep watching.

The surfing web sites are still predicting only one or two foot surf on the Treasure Coast for a week or so.  That could change.

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