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8/18/16 Report - Unusual Capitana Eight Escudo Find. Tropical Storm Fiona.

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Eight Escudo From Mexico Recently Found by the Capitana Guys.
Photo submitted by Captain Jonah Martinez.
I had a fascinating post almost ready to go and changed everything as a result of the new gold coin find made by the Capitana guys.  It is not what you might expect.  As I said, yesterday, it is NOT a 1715 Fleet.  And as I said yesterday, there is more than the 1715 Fleet out there.  We also have a new tropical storm out there too.

Same Eight Escudo
Photo submitted by Captain Jonah.
This coin was minted in Mexico.  The assayer initials are H. J.  You can see the mint mark and assayer initials at the bottom of the coin in the first picture.

Larry, who joined the Capitana this year had some fun finding this one.  Larry had worked with Jonah on other boats in the past.

Here is some information added by Captain Jonah.

I believe this coin came from a wreck of the hurricane of 1810. We read the Charlestown 1810  paper saying the Spanish lost 6 ships along the east coast of Florida. One of them being the arches wreck. Probably another scattered into Sebastian  the more I dug into old finds. The more I found to support this. Still very cool.

Cool is an understatement.  Not only is it a great find, but it makes us more aware of other wrecks along the Treasure Coast.  Congratulations!  And thanks much for sharing!

This type of coin is pictured in Monedas Espanolas desde Juana y Carlos a Isabel II by Calico et al.

Here is an online reference with a translation of the legend.

You can find mention of wrecks like that in Steven Singer's Shipwrecks of Florida: A Comprehensive Listing.  You can review a preview of that book online.  Below is one example.

There are some leads to start with if you want to research that further.

I had a ton to talk about today.  I'm going to tell you more about the handful of 8 reales that I showed a couple of days ago.  Someone that was there was able tell me more about that find.

I'm also going to show a 68 karat emerald found by a person collecting shells on the Treasure Coast.

That is just a little of what I'm going to post in the next few days.

One big news item is Tropical Storm Fiona.

Tropical Storm Fiona
Well, I want to get this posted.

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