Tuesday, August 30, 2016

8/30/16 Report - Two Storms and Predictions. The Encarnacion. The Brick Wreck and Mystery Wreck.

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Tropical Depression Nine
Source: WHNT TV
As you can see Tropical Depression Nine supposed to go up into the Gulf and then cut back over Florida.  Wind strength is expected to be near tropical storm force.

Source: windyty.com.
Above you see the expected wind pattern for Friday AM as the storm passes over North Florida. Notice how the wind will be hitting us from the soutwest.

Surf Chart From MagicSeaweed.com
You can see from the above surf predictions how the surf decreases as the wind shifts.  The surf will be small as the storm passes north of the Treasure Coast.

North Carolina should have some nice hunting conditions.  They have one storm right off of the coast, and when the other one passes over Florida, it will head north to North Carolina.

Depression Number Eight Off Coast of North Carolina.
Source: windyty.com.
The above shows the first of the two storms that will create northeast winds for North Carolina.

If you look at the surf chart again, you'll notice that after this weekend's small Treasure Coast surf, they are predicting six to nine feet by the 8/9,  As I've pointed out before, when large surf is predicted that far ahead, it seldom actually happens.  Time will tell.


...According to archaeologists from Texas State University, the EncarnaciĆ³n was part of Spain’s Tierre Firma fleet, which was critical for maintaining trade routes between its colonies in the New World. Built in Veracruz, Mexico, the merchant ship, or naos, sank during a storm off the Caribbean coast of Panama in 1681. The researchers were surprised to discover that on further investigation, the lower hull and the cargo hold of the ship were almost completely intact and filled with artifacts that the EncarnaciĆ³n had been carrying...

Here is the link for the rest of the article.


The article mentions granel, a concete like substance use as ballast.  Can anyone find me pictures of granel?  I'd like to see some examples.


Here is a nice little post discussing, among other things, a dive on a couple of Florida wrecks - the Brick Wreck and a mystery wreck.

Here is the link.



There is another disturbance coming off of Africa.  Maybe we'll get on the right side of one of these storms.

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