Friday, August 26, 2016

8/26/16 Report - Survey of Some Treasure Coast Beaches and A Morning Hunt. Weakened Storm.

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Frederick Douglas Beach Yesterday Evening Just After High Tide

I took a look at a few beaches yesterday to see how things were developing.  The first picture shows Frederick Douglass beach.

Notice the white water.  I'd estimate the waves to be three to four feet at that time.  The waves were hitting from the east.

The beach was mushy.  Notice the small shells and sea weed.  Sea weed is an indicator that light stuff is washing up and being deposited -  not what you want to see if you want to find old coins.

At least the sun wasn't beating down. 

Walton Rocks Beach Yesterday Afternoon Just After High Tide

The waves weren't quite as high at Walton Rocks.  The sea weed is covering more of the beach here. That shows that it is not being washed away as the high tide retreats.

The sea weed will often help you see where the water got to during the last high tide.  The water didn't get real high up on the beach here.

Fort Pirece Inlet South Yesterday Afternoon After High Tide

You see the sea weed line here again. Also note the small shells and mushy beach front. The waves were not nearly as big here.

This beach has lost about a hundred yards of sand since it was last renourished, but that was not recent.

The above map from shows the system I've been watching now near the Bahamas, has decreased in strength. It looks to me like it will have very little affect on the Treasure Coast beaches. The image I showed yesterday from turned out to be a poor indicator.  I don't think the storm will develop like that now.

There is a new system shown in the Gulf.


I went for a little hunt this morning and found a one foot cut that ran for about 80 yards.  I did what I would call a classic Treasure Guide cluster hunt and found a good cluster of targets, including a couple of pieces of jewelry. 

I don't have time to get into that today, so I'll talk about it tomorrow.  

We got enough action yesterday to create a few productive spots, but not anything that I saw that would produce old finds.

Happy hunting,