Monday, August 29, 2016

8/29/16 Report - Tropical Depressions Eight and Nine. Detectorist Strikes Gold After Jeanne. Collection of Bronze Artifacts. Detector For Divers.

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The map is really lighting up.  We now have a hurricane, two depressions and a disturbance.  They've been hanging around for a while now.

Looks like Tropical Depression Eight should create some good hunting in North Carolina.  Its not going to make landfall but it is going to create a high surf.  That is about what I would call ideal.  No hurricane to deal with - just a storm lingering off the coast.

Tropical Depression Nine, formerly called Invest 99, will become a storm and head up towards the Florida Panhandle.

On the Treasure Coast I'm not expecting much.  We'll get around a four foot surf, but it will hitting primarily from the East, with a secondary swell from the south.  At least there will be a few spots that get stirred up a little.  Overall, nothing very significant locally though.


Sometimes it comes easier than you would expect.  You can just be at the right place at the right time.

That was the case for Reggie S. who found a fine 8-escudo as a new detectorist after only twenty hours of detecting.  He happened to be near the Cannon Wreck after Hurricane Jeanne.

Some of the biggest name detecting braggarts who have been detecting for decades have never found such a fine eight-escudo.

That is almost as good as the lady who found an escudo on her very first detecting outing.


A man who spent many years collecting metal artifacts from the ocean near the power plant where he worked in Israel secretly amassed a huge collection of valuable and ancient treasures.

Bronze Artifacts

The item in the middle is a type of ancient hand grenade.

 Here is the link for more on that story.



If you ever wandered what type of detector the salvage divers use, some use the Aquascan Aquapulse.

You can look at those at the following site.

Just because it is used by divers doesn't mean that it is the best choice for beach detecting.  In fact few beach hunters use that type of detector.  The best detector for you depends upon where you hunt, how you hunt, and what you want to find.  You will want to chose a detector that suits you.

Most people would probably not like my primary choice.


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