Wednesday, February 1, 2017

2/1/17 Report - 97 Gram Shipwreck Gold Nugget Found. Regiment of Foot Reference. Mexican Mustang Linament Bottle.

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Gold Nugget Found At Shipwreck Site.
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The Royal Charter sank in 1859 off Anglesay, Wales with about 1.5 million dollars of gold.  This nugget is said to be worth about $60,000

The nugget, weighing 97.12 grams is the second largest ever found in the UK.  It was finally found by a prospector who had spent the past seven summers looking for the gold.

There were nuggets carried on some of the 1715 Fleet too.  In fact one of my favorite finds is a nugget found on a 1715 Fleet beach.  Three were found the same day not very far apart.


You might find the following link handy: It links to Regiments of Foot by H. L. Wickes.  It gives some history and information on all of the British regiments of foot.  I found it when trying to find out why I found a couple 18th century Regiment of Foot buttons at a particular location.  I didn't find the answer I was looking for, but I'm sure the book will provide answers in many cases.


This morning I found my second embossed Mexican Mustang Linament bottle.  This one doesn't look quite as old as the first one I found.

I think I may have posted my first one.  It was greenish.  This one is clear glass.

The Odyssey Virtual Museum web site says,

First introduced in 1825 by George W. Westbrook of St. Louis, Missouri, by the middle of the century (ca. 1856), the right to manufacture Mexican Mustang Liniment was passed to the partnership of Demas Barnes and Co. in New York, the largest patent medicine depot in the country, and to John D. Park in Cincinnati. The Demas Barnes company name is embossed on the 35 Mexican Mustang Liniment bottles recovered from the wreck site of the SS Republic.

They show a picture of one that looks like my first one.


According to the predictions, it looks like we'll have a couple more days of smooth surf.  The surf has been so calm and clear in places that it has been a good time to stick your nose in the water.

We've been having some nice negative tides too.

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