Sunday, February 12, 2017

2/12/17 Report - T. C. Beach Detecting Conditions Rating Back To 1. Flying Along the Beach. Small Surf and Negative Tides Continue

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John Brooks Beach Saturday.

I finally got out a little Saturday around four o'clock.   I was surprised to see that the three foot cut that I found Friday was completely gone.  Compare the photo above with the one I posted Friday (immediately below).

Same View of John Brooks Beach Friday.

That shows how quickly things can change, but it doesn't show how quickly it did change.  I suspect that the cut might have disappeared in an hour or two.

Man Flying Motorized Kite

There were some guys flying around in these motorized kites.

Below is what the device looked like.  It had a chair, a motor and propeller and a kite.

Closeup of Motorized Kite
Very small and compact.  Not much too it.


Never confuse this blog with a professional journal.  I don't think you would.  I am just saying that I do a post nearly everyday and don't sit down and deliberate with experts or editors and struggle over every word or attempt to fact check every reference.  This blog is not my job.  I don't get paid for it.  It is  just something I do because I feel like it.  There are a some issues on which I think my research and conclusions are as good you'll find anywhere, including academic or professional journals, but for the most part I post my casual observations and thoughts.  When I state something as fact, I am careful about what I say, but when I just throw out an idea (as I sometimes do) or post a link for reference, I leave some of the judgment up to you.  Almost every post I disappoint myself when I go back and notice misspellings, grammar mistakes, and writing that is simply not up to what I would like to post. Sometimes I am a little more careful than others, depending upon the amount of time I have and other things, but I don't give this blog the same priority in my life that I would if it were a professional or paid activity, so I hope you'll be forgiving and take it for what it is.


I have some more topics to talk about but will keep them for another day.

I am giving a 1 (poor) rating on my beach detecting conditions rating scale.

The surf will remain small for a few days, but we will still be getting some big and some negative tides.  I noticed yesterday that the water got up pretty high at high tide.

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