Thursday, February 9, 2017

2/9/17 Report - Skeletons of Colonists Being Dug Up In St. Augustine. Gold Reaches $1240 Per Oz. Full Moon and Comet This Weekend.

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I have a broad range of readers.  Some are very inexperienced.  Some haven't even bought their first detector.  And some have fifty years of experience and have made very significant archaeological discoveries.  That is one broad range indeed!  It is not easy to write something that is appropriate and interesting to both groups although it seems that generally speaking, I've managed.  I'd say it has been as much by accident as intent.  I just write what seems interesting or useful to me.  I find the basics useful because I often need to be reminded of some of the things I already knew.  It is easy to get sloppy and repeat the same old mistakes that I made when I just began detecting.

The most common questions I receive are the following.  I'm coming to Florida, so where should I go to find something good?  What detector should I get?  What are the detecting laws in Florida?  What are these things (iron flakes) that I found?  Those aren't my favorite questions but I can understand why they are asked, but I do appreciate all questions, comments and information.  Reader questions and comments help me tremendously.

I'm always trying to figure out how people respond to my posts.  I use two measures beside email comments.  Those are the number of hits and the number of Google Pluses received for each post.

The number of hits can be misleading because if a link gets posted somewhere else, that can really drive the hits up for that post.  For example, CNN posted once posted a link and that post got several thousands of hits.

There are thousands of posts in my blog.  I don't think some people realize that you can go back and read the posts made years ago, and they don't realize that you can do a keyword search.  There is a search box on the first page of the blog where you can enter your search words.

The read post of January was the 1/5/17 post, Cannon Found In River. Gems and Jewels. Wave Data Site.  Inca Emeralds.  7 Foot Surf Coming?

The most Google Plused Post of January was the 1/4/17 report, Miscellaneous Eye-balled Finds From Today.  FUN Conference. Escudo Gift. Bigger Surf Coming?


Skeletons of early colonissts are being dug up in downtown St. Augustine.  The site could be the site of the first parish church in the United States.

Fiesta Mall on King and Chalotte Streets is the site of this dig.

Here is the link for more about that.


Gold prices rose to $1240 per ounce in London on Wednesday, regaining almost half of their post-US election slump as Euro stock markets slipped and government bond prices rose amid fresh fears over the currency union's 2017 political outlook...

Here is the link for more about current bullion prices.


Friday night a partial lumar eclipse will begin.  We will have a full moon this weekend.  Also a comet will be seen some places.

Here is a link if you want to find out more about that.


I'm starting to wonder if we'll get any good winter storms this year.

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