Wednesday, February 8, 2017

2/8/17 Report - Pre-Columbian New World Maps. EOs. Archaeological Conservation.

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You might enjoy reading the Ancient America web site.  It has tons of articles.  One example is the one entitled Early New World Maps.  Below is one illustration from that article.

Notice the Frau Mauro Map dated 1459, which is obviously before 1492.  It seems to show a pretty good map of Florida, the Gulf, etc.

It also shows the following Roman artifacts found in the New World.  One was said to be found in the base of a South American pyramid.

I don't know how credible all these things are, but it is a lengthy article and you might enjoy reading it.

Here is the link.


I mentioned yesterday that I dug some EOs.  Below is one of them.  It is about six inches long and about four by three.  I don't have the slightest idea what it was.

I don't think all EOS should be called that.  Some are encrusted, but some have become relatively formless, and some of them have nothing but a void where the iron used to be.  That isn't the worst case because you can sometimes pour plaster into the void and make a plaster cast of whatever the object used to be.

Sometimes you can use x-ray to tell what the object was.  And sometimes other objects such as coins can be in the EO or stuck to the EO.

EOs differ quite a lot, and it can be difficult to know what course of action to take.


Here is a good book.  Elements of Archaeological Conservation, by J. M> Cronyn.

Click on the title to take a look at the online preview.


That is all I have for today.  I had more but lost it somehow and don't feel like trying to reconstruct it.

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