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2/6/17 Report - 1715 Fleet Cannons As Found. Ghost Ship. Three Great References.

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Lobster Hiding Under Cannon
Source:  See YouTube link below.

Jason T. sent me an email with the following message.

... While diving for lobster found 3 cannons side by side. Then later on a night dive found one more in the same area. A known 1715 fleet location. If you did not know what you were looking at , could be overlooked very easily. Now camouflaged with the reef and vegetation (seaweed) growing on it. Blends in perfectly!

Reminds me of the cannon that had coins inside!

Never know what you could find with a place (Treasure coast ) with so much history!

Here is the link.


Here is an interesting book that you can preview online.  It includes a chapter on metal detectors and one on conserving iron objects.

The book is The Spike Tomahawk: A popular tool and weapon in Colonial North America
by Jack Vargo.


A ghost ship was found off Hatteras 96 years ago.  The mystery hasn't been solved.

Here is the link to that story.

Thanks to Dean R.


Here is an excellent web site where you can see browse tons of good Civil War era artifacts.

And here is a web site describing an archaeological dig in Fredericksburg.


We had a little bump in the surf on Super Bowl Sunday, but it won't get much higher than about three feet.  Next week it will slacken off a little.

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