Friday, February 24, 2017

2/24/17 Report - A Look At a Few Treasure Coast Beaches Today.

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I went out to see if anything was happening.  I looked at five beaches and saw no erosion anywhere, but my observations were limited to South Hutchinson Island.  

The water had been fairly high on the beach, but all beaches showed newly accumulated sand on the front beach.  There were almost no shells.

I had most of my post done and then lost it, and I don't feel like doing it all again, therefore today's post is going to be short.

Between John Brooks and Frederick Douglas Around Noon Friday.
Notice the little canal where the high tide water ran back into the ocean.  This dip was present probably two weeks ago but was refreshed by last night's high tide.

This is the type of cut I mentioned a few weeks ago.  That one was a couple hundred yards south of this one and just below the previous one I found a coin hole that I talked about.

John Brooks Beach Around Noon Friday.
The beach front was pretty steep here.  Very sandy.

There were a good number of tourists out today everywhere I went.  That should help some if you are interested in hunting modern items.

Another South Hutchinson Island Beach Friday Around Noon.
This beach front was sandy too, but not as steep as the one at John Brooks.  The high tide got nearly to the dunes.

The surf was fairly rough, but where I was, not well formed for surfing.  The high tide got pretty high.  There might be a beach or two in the Vero/Sebastian area that improved, but I just didn't get up there to take a look.

I had some other stuff started and lost it, so that is all I'm going to do today.

Happy hunting,