Monday, February 27, 2017

2/27/17 Report - Yesterday's North Wind Caused Erosion To Some Treasure Coast Beaches But Not Others. Examples From a Couple Beaches.

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Yesterday I mentioned the north wind that blew most of the day and I said I was sure there would be a spot or two with some cuts.  This afternoon I got out to take a look.  Above is what I saw at John Brooks.

I"m sure the cuts were better yesterday.  You can see seaweed in this picture.  I'd say the beach filled in a little, which you would expect because the wind today was now out of the south.  The seaweed is a good indicator of accumulating sand.

Below is another picture of the same beach.

There were a couple detectorists there this afternoon.

Frederick Douglas beach was not as nicely cut, but had evidently filled in some since yesterday too.

This year we've had other brief windows of opportunity when a front came through, but they are only lasting about a day.  We haven't gotten any sustained cutting.

Another thing about the above cuts is that they were in sand that had recently accumulated.

Here is another beach as seen Monday afternoon.  This one had no cuts.  

This beach had at least a foot of new sand built up on the front beach in recent days.  You could see that sand clearly below the seaweed line.

There was probably more than one cut beach yesterday, but I haven't yet heard any reports from other areas.


I found s dissertation on beach-stranded shipwrecks, and the following illustration was in it.

The summer beach profile is shown in yellow.  The winter beach profile is shown as a red dotted line.

In reality a beach wobbles back and forth continually.  One day you'll have erosion and the next accretion.  

There are the larger seasonal trends and then the shorter duration trends.

Yesterday we had erosion, and then when the wind shifted returned to accretion.  This isn't anything really new or anything that I haven't said before.

Another thing that sticks out is the fact that our surf wasn't real big yesterday, yet we got some decent erosion.  One thing I harp on is the direction of the wind and waves, which is also very important.

It was the direction of the wind yesterday that I was going by when I said there would probably be some erosion. 

That is as far as I'm going today.

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