Saturday, February 11, 2017

2/11/17 Report - Finds: Pins, Bottle, Gold and Diamonds.

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I made an unusual find the other day.  I found a small round container.  I didn't have any idea what might be in it.  It was covered with mud and water.  I thought that it might be filled with mud and nothing else.  After getting the top off, I found that it was full of small sewing pins.  That was a first for me.

Closeup of a Bunch of Sewing Pins In a Clump.
Dime added for size comparison.

I put the dime on top of the clump of pins not too far off the center. The pins are stuck together.

I'm glad they weren't spread out on the ground because I would have begun to dig them one at a time.

I've dug thimbles on the beach before but not a clump of pins.


The weather is absolutely beautiful, even if I do prefer wind and rain.  The robins have been at my house for a few days.  They show up around February 9 almost every year.

Last night the full moon was absolutely beautiful too.  We were supposed to be able to see a comet about 3 AM.  I missed it.

Yesterday I found a good number of modern coins below a small six inch cut on one beach.  There were a few other items there too.  The cut there was not big, but in front of the cut it was more sloped and not as sandy as John Brooks Beach, which I showed yesterday.  .

After leaving the wreck beaches I hit a tourist beach on the way home and came away with two pieces of gold: a diamond ring and a pearl ear ring.

I didn't get out Saturday at all and don't know what happened with the wreck beaches over night.


I found an embossed Horlick's Malted Milk bottle on the Treasure Coast the other day.  I didn't clean it yet, but took a quick pic.

It is a small bottle.  I was surprised what I learned from some quick research.  It is still sold, and malted milk isn't what I thought.  I thought malted milk was like a milk shake but apparently not.  And even though the bottle showed up on the Treasure Coast, it seems that Horlick's Malted MIlk  is much more popular today overseas.

Here is what I learned.

In the initial stage of manufacturing, milled malted barley and wheat flour are mashed together in hot water where the starch is converted into sugars.  To this sugar solution dairy powders are added. The water content is then evaporated to form a syrup that is dried in vacuum band driers to form a cake. This cake is milled into the finished powder...

1873: James Horlick, a pharmacist joined his brother, William, in the US and together they founded the company J and W Horlicks in Chicago to manufacture a patented malted milk drink as an artificial infant food...

The bottle I found is not nearly that old.

Here is the link.


I hope to be able to check some beaches again soon.  Haven't heard anything from the Vero/Sebastian area yet.

Happy hunting,