Saturday, February 18, 2017

2/18/17 Treasure Salvage Opportunity With Top Treasure Crew.

Treasure Salvage Crew Opportunity Announcement.

I got this message describing a salvage opportunity from Captain Jonah Martinez of the Capitana. As you might know, Jonah's crew hit one of the biggest 1715 Fleet gold coin finds of recent history, including nine escudo royals in 2015.  One of the crew members involved with that find learned of a similar opportunity through this blog a couple of years ago and got to be part of that historic find.

As the captain says, this is not for everybody.  It takes a special person. Passion and commitment counts.  Jonah picks good men.

Below is how Captain Jonah describes it.


Opportunity if you ever wanted to work looking for 1715 Spanish treasure. First off this doesn't happen often but due to a unfortunate turn of events. One of our brothers will not be able to make it out with us this season. So we are looking for a 4th to join our crew and share in the 2017 salvage season. This job is not for everybody but to the right person you know who you are. You need to be in good physical shape,have an open scheduled between May-September, have a place to stay in or near Sebastian Florida, need to have boat experience, also need to be good with a metal detector, most important have to gel with 3 other guys like minded. There is no pay just a percent of the find. Payed in treasure!!!!! This job is definitely not for most. So please think before you respond. There are no guarantees in this game. I can promise a unbelievable summer experience full of surprises and adventure. We work very hard but find a lot of treasure too. Feel free to give me a call. Thanks Capt. Jonah 772-215-4366