Saturday, October 13, 2012

10/13/12 Report - Tropical Storm Rafael & More

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Same Eroded Beach That I Showed Yesterday - Not Much Change
I checked a few beaches this morning.  The one that I showed yesterday with three foot cuts was basically unchanged this morning.  The cliff had eroded back a little, but not much. The cliff was no higher today than yesterday.  

The sand was falling off the face of the cliff and building up on the slope, which was very mushy.  A few targets were falling to the base of the cliff.

The other beaches that I saw were not cut. 

The water was rough.  The surf web sites are saying 3 to 5 foot seas on the Treasure Coast.  The wind is from the north.

The high tide was getting up higher than it had been lately, but still not getting back to the dunes.

I didn't see any shell piles.

Waves But No Erosion at This Treasure Coast Beach This Morning
I'm maintaining my level 2 detecting conditions rating for now.

Low tide today will be about 1 PM.

Patty is no longer a tropical storm and is heading east.  Rafael is now a tropical storm and is to the south of us.  The predicted path of Rafael take is to the north off of our coast.  I would expect that to generate some more waves in a few days.  

The surf web sites are still predicting peak seas Saturday night and early Sunday morning.  I'm not really expecting a lot of improvement in beach detecting conditions though.  Of course, I could be wrong.

I heard on the radio yesterday that a glass eye the size of a golf ball washed up on a South Florida beach.  They thought it probably was from a rehabilitated marine animal of some sort.

Path of Rafael - National Hurricane Center

Fake Coin Found by Bernie C.

I've found plenty of dentures in the water but no glass eyes.

Bernie C. sent in a photo of a fake treasure coin he recently found.  There are a lot of those.

Here is a video preview of the Sedwick Coins World and Treasure Coin Auctin # 12.

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