Friday, October 26, 2012

10/26/12 Report - Little Erosion At Most Wreck Beaches This Morning So Far But Minimal Beach Conditions Upgrade Issued

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Escudo Sold Yesterday
in the SedwickCoins Auction.
Before today’s beach condition update, here is an escudo that did particularly well in the Sedwick Coins auction, finishing with a bid of about three times the starting bid. It was one three of three escudos that performed particularly well in relation to the starting bid. All three were Lima 8-escudos.

This one is from the 1715 Fleet and is dated 1707. Very nice escudo.

You can see the Lima mint mark in the upper left corner and the last three digits of the date along the bottom row over the waves.

One of the stars of the auction yesterday was a 1098 gram 21K Colombian gold bar salvaged from the Atocha. It sold for the nifty price of $75,000.

You can see the prices realized for the lots sold yesterday by going to the auction web site.

Today (Friday) the wind is from the north, reaching up to 50 mph along the Treasure Coast.

And the swells are supposed to increase during the day, starting out at about five feet, and ending the day with what are expected now to be eight foot swells.

The combination of north winds and eight foot swells gives a good chance for beach detecting conditions to improve. As always, we’ll have to see exactly how that actually turns out as the day progresses.

I received an email from William M. who reported that the beaches he visited yesterday all looked pretty much the same at that point. Although I only visited a couple yesterday, I looked at others by using web cams.

Don’t forget that you can do that. If you are trying to decide which beach to visit, that is one tool you have. Look at those beaches that have live beach cams. Not all of them will give you the detail that you need, but you can sometimes tell if a particular beach is promising or not from the web cam.

Friday night looks like it will be the key time. If the beaches don’t improve more then, the chances will be reduced as the swells decrease through the weekend and continuing to decrease until close to the end of next week.

Of course, things do often show up days later. Sometimes because the beach fronts only become accessible after the seas calm down.

Friday evening and night is the key time period though. Late Friday the wind will shift as the storm passes. Then the wind will be coming from the West.

It looks like Hurricane Sandy will stir up some sand and maybe some goodies on North Carolina’s Outer Banks and even the New Jersey area after it leaves the Treasure Coast area.

This morning I visited a number of beaches to see what was happening. Overall this morning there was very little erosion.

I heard that the Bathtub Beach area was eroding. I didn’t see that first hand, but did visit a number of beaches.

John Brooks had no erosion this morning around 9 AM. There were a number of people there taking a look, but that was about it.

Turtle Trail showed no significant new erosion.

Seagrape Trail had a very little new erosion with a few spots where the latest high tide had produced small (less than 1 foot cuts) near the old cliff.

Wabasso wasn’t cut much either, but the area down South of Disney did look a little interesting.

Amber Sands had no cuts, nor did the area south of Sebastian Inlet.

Overall, I saw very little erosion this morning, and only a few small cuts in some spots.

I am however, upgrading my beach conditions rating from a 1 (poor) to a 2.  I use a five point scale.

After looking at about six beaches, I only took my detector out to detect one and had a little luck. I do say luck, because conditions were only a touch better than poor this morning.

The winds and waves are picking up. There is enough force coming in that I would expect a few very thin cobs to show up on the beach. More about the find after I get a photo.

Some of the beach accesses are being closed. In Indian River County Treasure Shores park was closed, and they closed the Seagrape Trail access already.

I don’t know if they are going to close others or not.

There were a lot of people watching the waves at Wabasso, as is usually the case when the water gets rough.

That is my morning report. Tonight should be the key time for things to improve more if it is going to happen.

I might be back later with photos.

Happy hunting,