Tuesday, October 23, 2012

10/23/12 Report - Tropical Storm Sandy & Researching Finds

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One Treasure Coast Beach This Mroning
The surf web sites are predicting increasing seas through this week on the Treasure Coast.  There is a good chance of improved beach detecting conditions later this week.

There has been some movement of sand but not enough to significantly improve conditions.  One beach I saw had no erosion while another had broken one foot cuts with a sloping sandy front beach.

Here is a photo of the beach that was a little eroded.  
For Friday through Monday they are predicting six foot seas.  That is about the minimum swells that I would expect to produce improved conditions but much depends upon the direction and strength of the wind, which seems to determine how the waves hit the beach.

The surf web sites are predicting north winds during Friday through Monday.  That is a sustained period of fairly good swells coupled with north winds and gives a very good chance of improved beach detecting conditions over the weekend.

Tropical Storm Sandy is now below Cuba and predicted to head north, crossing over Cuba and then then continuing north through the Bahamas.  Being on the west side of that storm, we'll get north winds from Sandy as she passes.

The other tropical disturbance that is in the Atlantic will not come close to us.

The readers of this blog are fantastic.  They are very informed and helpful. 

Recently I posted a couple of pewter button finds from St. Lucia and asked if anyone could help determine when the British 76th Foot was on St. Lucia.    Thanks to Scott Bonnette my question was answered.  Not only did he find the answer to the question, but also gave me a link to a book about the 76th containing tons of detail.   Thanks Scott!

Before I go on, the answer is 1834 - 1835.  That goes right along with other items found such as musket balls, musket flints, etc.

He found the answer in the following scarce book.    Historical record of the 76th "Hindoostan" Regiment : from its formation in 1787 to 30th June, 1881 / compiled and edited by F.A. Hayden. 

Here is what the book said about the 76th..

Thence the Regiment proceeded to Fort Charlotte Barracks, Morne Fortune, one company being detached to Pigeon Island. 1835. The Regiment remained in St. Lucia and Dominica until the end of 1835, when the headquarters moved to Richmond Hill Barracks, Grenada, and the left wing to Bar…

So...  one company of the 76th was detached to Pigeon Island, and that is where the button was found along with the button from the 54th Foot.

I've said before that the find isn't the end of the hunt.   It is more like the beginning.   Then you do the research to find out more about the find.You also need to clean, preserve, document and perhaps display the item.  There is a lot to do after an artifact find like this.

You also need to think about how the items ended up where it was found.  Think about how the item got there, who had it, what they were doing, and why was it lost?  

Not only will the answers to those questions help bring the item and the associated history alive, giving the item new significance and meaning, but it will also help you find more items.

Items aren't distributed randomly.  They were lost in the course of human activity, not randomly.   The more you understand about what was going on when the item was lost and how it ended up where it did, the more prepared you will be to find more items.

I barely got started on that topic today and will have to get into it more some other day.
I'll just go on to say, when you find an item, mentally construct various scenarios that explain how the item got to be where it was found.   Use those scenarios as hypotheses.  Collect evidence, and try to figure out the most likely explanation.  As you get closer to the truth, you'll have a better idea of where to look next.

Thanks Scott!  I really apprecaite the research.

I have a lot more to talk about today but will have to pick up on it some other day.

Happy hunting,