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10/3/12 Report - 1715 Fleet Escudo & Early Series Reale

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1715 Fleet Escudo  (Sedwick Coins Upcoming Auction)
Other side of same escudo.

Here is a gold escudo listed in the upcoming Sedwick auction that is from the Treasure Coast’s 1715 Fleet. It is one of the more expensive gold coins listed in the auction and although the denomination is not shown, is an eight-reale.

You can see the date (1714), mint mark (OM), and assayer (J) very clearly .

Of course, this cob was minted in Mexico. Assayer J is Jose Eustaquio de Leon y Losa.

A few days ago I showed an early series coin found in North Florida. We don’t find those on 1715 Fleet beaches.

The upcoming Sedwick Coins auction lists a few of the early series coins. The picture below shows one of those that is in the auction.

On the front, between the two pillars, you can see a large “4,” indicating the denomination. Between and at the foot of the pillars is an R, for the assayer, Alonso Rincon.

4 reale cobs were struck at the Mexican mint beginning 1537. Prior to that time three-reales were struck.

The three-reales had three dots between the pillars to indicate the denomination.

The legend on the other side shows “KAROLUS ET IOHANA” for King Carlos and Joanna.

The example shown is listed in the auction catalog with a estimated price of around $4000.

Treasure Coast Beach Detecting Conditions and Forecast.

Detecting conditions remain poor on the Treasure Coast.

Seas are running 2 - 3 feet through the week. The wind is mostly from the south today, turning east for the rest of the week.

Low tide is around 5 PM this afternoon.

A low pressure area is continuing to form, now having a 90% chance of becoming a cyclone in the next 48 hours. It is still far away and won’t affect us for several days, if it ever does.

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