Saturday, October 27, 2012

10/27/12 Report - First Dune Banger in Years & Another Conditions Upgrade

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I've had tons to write about lately but not tons of time to write.  I've been putting a lot of news and information on the back burner to keep you informed about Sandy.  There couldn't be a more appropriate name.  When I came in yesterday afternoon I had sand and salt water in my eyes, ears, nose and every place it could possibly be.

Yesterday afternoon we had the first dune banger we've had for some time.  I think it has been at least two and maybe three years since the last one.  What I mean by a dune banger is the ocean hitting the back dunes with force.

A lot happened since I wrote yesterday's report, which was based upon my experiences that morning.  The water got a lot higher at the next high tide.  It hit the dunes almost everywhere, and in many places with force, pealing away sand or knocking the face of  off the dunes.

There still weren't many cuts on the front or mid-beach.  Those areas were still sloped and sandy on most beaches.  However, the back dunes were getting hit and eroding.

Coins can be washed up onto a beach, or they can be washed out.   Of course they won't be washed out of the back dunes until the water gets back that far, and it did yesterday afternoon.  When the back dunes erode, especially from dunes where there is a steep cliff face of significant height, layers and layers of material from different time periods can be washed down and onto the beach.  When that happens, there is a also lot of water moving up over the front and mid-beach and things can get washed up too.

I have a diagram and explanation drawn up that I was planning on showing some time soon, but that is one of the things that will have to wait now.

Anyhow, the very high tides and water hitting the back dunes resulted in another beach detecting conditions upgrade.  Yesterday I issued an upgrade to a 2, and now I am upgrading my detecting conditions rating to a heavy 3. 

I mentioned some time ago that we often get a good northeaster in October or November, and it certainly happened this time.

These dune bangers are dangerous.  Be very careful.   When the water is hitting the back dunes, you can easily be knocked over or lose your equipment.  I've also seen some big logs washing in and out.  Watch out for floating debris.

Don't get caught in front of a cliff when big waves are hitting the cliff.    If you are in front of a cliff when a wave really hits it, the backwash can be stronger than the incoming wave.  It can catch you off guard and easily knock you off of your feet.

Be very careful.

I wanted to get this written and posted this morning, so I'm keeping it short for now.  I did want to issue the rating upgrade and tell you about the dangers.

I told you yesterday that some of the beaches were being closed.  Bathtub beach was closed yesterday too.

This is sort of an unusual level three conditions rating.  Most level threes are based upon cuts on the front or mid-beach.  This one is based primarily on the back dunes being eroded.

You'll see places where there was very high water, but no cuts.  I often tell you that it takes more than high water to create cuts.  You can observe that for yourself now on some beaches.

That is all for now.

I'll have to find time to post a lot of the other stuff when Sandy calms down.

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