Wednesday, October 24, 2012

10/24/12 Report - Eight Foot Swells Predicted for Friday

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Predicted Track of Sandy (NHC Map)
It still looks like Sandy will be crossing over Cuba and going north through the Bahamas.  That will send some waves our way.

Today seas are three to five feet along the Treasure Coast, increasing into the evening and continuing to increase until a peak of about eight feet on Friday.

With eight feet seas that is getting up there into a range where detecting conditions could definitely improve.  Couple that with wind from the north on Friday, and there is a very good chance of a significant improvement in beach detecting conditions.

I took a quick look at the beach this morning and saw a lot of sea weed and sand accumulating on the beach.   So at this point there isn't any improvement in conditions yet.

Oh, by the way, Senator McCain will be at the Seal Museum either today or tomorrow, I forget which, at 3:30.  If interested, I'm sure you can find the right date and time.

I then visited one location where the water had been hitting a cliff and washing some sand out even while the front beach was filling.

Pepper Park Beach This Morning.
Targets close to the base of the cut were close to the surface, while the farther you got from the cliff and closer to the water, the sand got deeper and the targets were giving only faint signals.

All the coins I got there today were clad, but heavily encrusted.

Maybe tomorrow I'll make an illustration of how the targets fell out of the cliff and then got covered by the incoming sand.

It seems that I have a lot of lengthy topics to write about but am having trouble getting it all in.

I also have some more research on the Pelican of Piety and the ampulla that is currently listed in the Sedwick Coins auction to post.

By the way, the auction will be ending on Thursday and Friday, so there is little time remaining to get approved for bidding.

The annual Orionid meteor shower is on  (Sunday Oct. 21 was the peak, producing an average of 25 meteors per hour).   You might go out and watch tonight but I doubt one will hit your home. 

Here is the link to the story about the met that hit a roof in California.

More Pre-Columbian Viking sites in the New World have been excavated.

Here is that link.

A gold watch was returned to a sailor decades after it went missing.

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