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10/19/12 Report - Detecting Newbie Hits Gold Coin Hoard, Pulling Teeth & Safe Cracking

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Gold Coin Hoard Found. 
(Photo from ABC story linked at left.)
$160,000 cache of Roman gold coins was found by a new metal detector user who had recently purchased a basic machine.

Thanks for the link to this story Stan.
As my dad always used to say, sometimes its better to be lucky than good.  That is what he said when something I did turned out well.  Old school dads weren't big on encouragement, not like today.

First timers sometimes hit it big.  I once told about the lady that found a gold escudo on her first detecting trip to the beach.

The Supreme Court is considering a case that some say might make it illegal to resell items that you have purchased and now own. That is how it sounds in this Oct. 19 Wall Street Journal Market Watch article.

In the past, once you bought an item it was yours to sell but this case might change all of that.

Here is the link.

I can’t understand how that could possibly work, but the way things are going these days, who knows.

Not too long ago I showed some dug old railroad box car seals. I guessed that they went back a few decades. Here is a photo of the modern version so you can see what they look like today.

Modern Box Car Seal

Joan T. saw some turtles hatching the other day, so keep your eyes open for hatchlings on the beach.

Captain Andy and the crew of the Magruder recently returned from the site of the Atocha with a piece of silver that appears to have been broken off of a silver bar and the instrument for pulling teeth shown below.

Dental Instrument from the Atocha.
(Photo from Mel Fisher organization via email.)

Bernie C. sent me an email in which he described a nice hunt from last year in which he found a site along the intercoastal yielding a lot of quarters. One day he dug $16.50 in almost all in quarters from an 8 foot by 8 foot area. About four months later he returned to the site after some rough weather and dug an additional $12.25 in only quarters. The third time he returned and about fifty feet away found a rusted safe that looked like it had been broken into with an ax and thought maybe the quarters were from the safe.

An event like that can look like a coin hole, but as I recently discussed, if it was created by a single event rather than by the forces of nature over a period of time, would not be what I would refer to as a coin hole. I’ll have to come up with some better terminology to make the distinction.

Thanks for sharing Bernie. Cool.

There is only one tropical wave in the Atlantic now. It is out in the middle of the ocean and only has a 10% chance of becoming a cyclone in the next day or two.

The wind is from the west this morning and seas on the Treasure Coast are down around two feet.

Low tide this afternoon will be close to 6 PM.

Saturday and Sunday we are supposed to have good calm seas.

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