Thursday, October 4, 2012

10/4/12 Report - Gold Ampulla of the Queens Jewels

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Ampulla in upcoming Sedwick Coins auction.
Here is an item from the 1715 Fleet, and if associated with the more recently discovered “pelican of piety”, probably came from the Nieves, thought to lie off of Frederick Douglas beach.

The item is an ampulla, which was used for holding anointing oil. I’m not sure I buy all of the comments in the item description, but will accept that much. It is thought to possibly be part of the “Queen’s Jewels” - the queen being Elisabeth of Parma.

It would have had glass in the open panels. Whatever you say about it, it is a fantastic item. I’d like to have author Laura Strolia’s comments on the item, whose comments on the “pelican of piety“, I think I posted some time in the past.

It is about five inches tall.

A very nice and important piece with a starting bid in the most recent Sedwick Coins auction of around $27,000.

The new auction has a lot of dated half reales, most of which seem to have starting prices down around $40. Of course you don’t know yet what they will sell for.

I’ve been finding a lot of good information but don’t have time to get it organized and included in today’s post.

Here is the other side of the 1902 nickel that I posted a few days ago.

Treasure Coast Beach Detecting Conditions and Forecast.

We actually have a new tropical storm. That low pressure area that I’ve mentioned, is now Tropical Storm Oscar.

It looks like Oscar is not heading towards us at all though.

On the Treasure Coast, seas are still running around 2 to 3 feet, and will continue until about Sunday when they decrease even farther.

Beach detecting conditions remain poor with no apparent change coming.

The smooth seas that are coming might allow some water detecting, or at least getting out in the low tide zone.

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