Tuesday, October 16, 2012

10/16/12 Report - Emanuel Point Wreck Report & Diamond in a Well

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I tried to get a video to show what the waves were doing to the beach yesterday.  I didn't succeed as well as I hoped, but it does show how the water wasn't moving much sand.  Of course, I didn't catch the big waves hitting.  Every time I got my camera out, they refused to come, and then when I put my camera back, they would hit again.

Anyhow, you can see that the water is hitting the beach here at a ninety degree angle.  When that happens, there is little erosion.  The water just comes up the beach and then washes back down without removing much sand. 

More erosion occurs when the water hits at an angle and slices the sand from he cut.  North and northeast winds are the best for creating erosion and productive cuts along the Treasure Coast.

The cut shown in the video is only about a foot high. 

You can also see in the video where the waves are crashing on the sand out in front of the beach.  That sand is protecting the beach from much of the wave energy.

I ran across a very good report on the Emanuel Point shipwreck, which is a 16th Century wreck in the Gulf near Pensacola.  The report is 244 pages long and discusses the ship construction and artifacts, including wood, fasteners, ceramics, copper utensils, copper arrow points, etc.

A very good report covering a lot of topics.   Here is the link.

Here is a litte trick that will help you tell if an item is silver or silver plated when there are no marks.  Use a magnet.  If the magnet sticks, the item is silver plated.  A magnet won't stick to silver.

Wisconsin man found a diamond while panning for gold in the dirt dug for a well.  You never know what you find if you keep looking.  Sometimes you won't find what you are looking for but something just as good or better.

Here is the link for more on that story.

I'd still like to hear more about coin holes you've found. 

One that I worked day after day was just to the north of a sea wall.   It would refill everyday for a while.  Then it finally disappeared.  I would stand and work a small area for a couple of hours at a time.  Unfortunately it filled mostly with coins and silver, a lot of silver and turquoise, mostly from the seventies I would say, but very little gold.

Rafael is now a hurricane, but far east of the Bahamas and headed towards Bermuda.

The wind is from the north and we have 2 to 3 foot swells on the Treasure Coast.   The wind will stay pretty much the same for the next few days, and the seas will become even a little calmer.   No improvement in conditions is expected soon, and I'll soon be issuing a conditions downgrade.

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