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10/8/12 Report - Columbus, First Contact Spanish Candlestick Holder & More

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16th Century Brass Candlestick Holder.
Here is a 16th Century brass candlestick holder, which is one of two similar contact period candlestick holders found in Alabama.  It is about six inches across at the base and about five and one half inches high.

Some think it could be  from the de Soto or de Luna expeditions.

Here is the link for more information.

Web article published by Curren and Newby, 2001.

In a recent email the Mel Fisher organization said  The Magruder crew found 5 silver coins last week, along with a large amount of shipwreck debris.   ...we think the rest of the Atocha sterncastle can’t be far away.

Here is an article that provides a lot of information about Christopher Columbus and his voyages that you might not know.   If you liked Laura Strolia's comments about the Pelican in Piety that I recently posted, I know you will like this article about Christopher Columbus.   Timely too!

 WARNING:  I have a correction on the following.  It seems I picked a poor example.  Fred D., the fossil expert that often gives me expert information, says you should never mount a fossil with any adhesive.  I'm sure he is right.  In fact, if you have any valuable artifacts, get a professional opinion before using the following.

A couple of days ago I posted some information about using clear spray paints to help preserve artifacts.  Once you have nicely preserved artifacts, you might want to display them.

Mounting Material
One good way to mount artifacts is to use a the white tacky material that you can buy to mount pictures and other things.   You can buy it at stores such as Staples.

This is what it looks like.  Break off a small amount, work it in your fingers until it becomes good and sticky, then apply it to the surface and then press on your artifact.

I've used this material to mount a door bell button on a screen door frame outdoors and it has remained firmly in place for two years now with no problem.

Experiment a little before using the material on valued items.  I wouldn't recommend it for coins.

Here is a photo showing a fossil horse tooth mounted on a nice piece of wood.  Just one example.   For this illustration I used a small piece of the mounting material about the diameter of a dime.

Fossil Mounted on Wood.
I think you can see from this example how easy it would be to create a nice display for an artifact.  Cut the wood to size, and add a nice label, and you're done.  Or use a shadow box.

You can mount almost anything with this stuff if the item  is not too big and heavy and the surface is good.  When mounting heavier items, use a larger piece of the mounting material.

Treasure Coast Beach Detecting Forecast and Conditions.

There is still a low pressure area hanging over the southeast Bahamas, and although it hasn't formed anymore yet, could eventually affect us.

A second low pressure area has formed farther out in the Atlantic too far away to say much about at this point.

The seas will run around 1 - 2 to feet today on the Treasure Coast.  It will get a little rougher over the next few days, but only increasing to 3 - 5 feet.

Low tide will be about 9 PM today.

Happy Columbus Day,