Wednesday, October 31, 2012

10//31/12 Report - Beach More Trick Than Treat - Beach Conditions Downgrade

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I had something else planned today but am getting such a late start that I'm just going to do a short post today.

Turtle Trail From the Beach Side - Closed.

First and foremost I'm downgrading my Treasure Coast beach detecting conditions rating to a 1.

I should remind you that I use a 1 rather than a 0 on my rating scale to indicate poor conditions because there is always some chance even if it is very slim.

The beaches are starting to build a little already.

I heard from one person explained that the Seagrape Trail and Turtle Trail access are opened and closed by the local town police.  I guess each little locality must control their parks.  I just assumed, incorrectly it seems, that they would be controlled by Indian River County.

The Seagrape Trail access is still closed.  See photo for a view from the beach side.  Doesn't look like a big problem there.

Wabasso and Turtle Trail are open today.

I saw no cuts today.  The beaches seem to be back to more trick than treat.

I didn't see hardly any detectorists out today either.

Disney Resort This Afternoon From Southeast.

14 crew members were rescued and two are still missing from a tall ship sailing off of North Carolina.

Could you imagine being on a sailing vessel in a storm like that?  Think of how those masts must have swayed and the wind whipping those sails.  It's amazing to think about what the seamen of old had to do.

I couldn't believe I actually saw a sailing vessel out in the ocean Monday morning.  Not a tall ship of course, but you couldn't have dragged me out there for anything.

A ship carrying over 7 million dollars in gold sunk.  It was carrying gold ore.

A bomb report in Boyton Beach turned out to be a geocache.  It did look a little like a pipe bomb.  I lost track of that link, but am sure you can find it if you really want to.

Sorry for the short post today.  I'll try to catch up tomorrow, and possibly post a poll later today.  I have a lot to post today, just not the time.

Happy hunting,