Monday, March 11, 2013

3/11/13 Report - Treasure Coast Treasure Beach Detecting Conditions Upgrade

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North of Seagrape Trail
 The water got high last night.  Not as high as it did during Sandy, but close.  Also like Sandy, despite the high water there was little erosion and very few cuts on the beach.

To the right is the biggest cut that I saw south of Wabasso.  Of course, I didn't visit all of the beaches, but this was one of the biggest cuts that I saw.  The bottom step in this photo is about one foot.

I did find a bigger cut later in the day.

North of McClarty Museum

North of McClarty Museum they dumped sand on the front of the dunes around the area where the old salvage camp was.  

I suspect they were expecting that area to be flooded over.  As it was, the front of the new sand did erode a bit, perhaps a two-foot cut at some places.  But that was only in the new sand.  As you can see, in front of that new sand, the beach was pretty low but smooth.  I'm pretty sure that the only sand that eroded there was the new sand.

Wabasso Looking South Towards Disney.

The Wabasso area didn't look very promising to me, although one or two things might be found.  It didn't look like the banks eroded much.  The bank there and at Seagrape was just barely hit by the water.  Not much erosion at either place.

The one place that did erode pretty good last night was around the Amber Sands Beach Access.  There was about a three foot cut there.  I looked on my camera and found that I forgot to take any photos there.

About six detectorists were working the beach at Amber Sands.

Up near the cliff where the water ate into the recent renourishment sand, there was a lot of aluminum.  Down at the water's edge, a good bit of iron and lead sinkers etc.   In between were some coins in the brown natural sand underneath the new grey fine sand.

They weren't brand new coins.  I have to do some cleaning before I'll know exactly what they are and how old they are.

Below is a video clip showing the beach at John Brooks this morning just after high tide.  You can see that the water got back to the dunes and the front beach looked like a new sand bar separated from the dunes by shallow water.

The traffic was heavy today.  There are a lot of snow birds - as many as I remember seeing on the Treasure Coast in recent years.  A lot of people were at the beach sun bathing.

There was enough sand moved for me to upgrade my treasure beach detecting conditions rating to a 2, but that is all.  The unusually high water also contributes to the upgrade.  I didn't see any low tide areas that looked real good today, but I couldn't see that area very well much of the time due to the high water and waves.

I'll be posting some interesting finds, probably tomorrow.

The wind was out of the east mostly yesterday and east/southeast today.  That doesn't suggest more erosion.

Every day this week the surf will be decreasing a foot or two a day.

Happy hunting,