Monday, March 4, 2013

3/4/12 Report - Beach Conditions and Early 18th Century Site

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I went out to the beach this morning to see what it looked like.  Unfortunately I found exactly what I expected - mushy beaches and no signs of erosion.

I took photos to show you but lost them before they got posted.  Nothing exciting anyway.  It has been one of those days when the computer has not been cooperating, and I've been making mistakes.  Anyhow, sorry I lost the photos.

You might remember how the old concrete steps were showing down at Jensen Beach earlier in the year.  That beach has really filled back in since then.

The big news for me today is that a big surf is still predicted for a little less than a week from now.

I've mentioned before how it seemed that the surfing web sites seemed to have an error and would often predict a high surf, but the predicted surf would often decrease in size as the time got nearer.  Well that hasn't happened yet this time.  They've been predicting up to an eight foot surf for a few days now, and there has been no decrease in the size of the predicted surf.  In fact it appears that the predicted high surf might now be higher than eight feet.

The time of the high surf was moved from Friday to Saturday and now to late Sunday or even Monday. I don't mind it coming a little later.  I don't want to see it reduced though, and that hasn't happened yet.

So at this point, there is a decent chance that we will actually get that high surf and possibly an improvement in beach detecting conditions.  Still, we'll have to wait and see.

Low tide today is after 7 PM.


Numerous graves have been found in Charleston, S. C., dating back to perhaps the early 18th Century.  Other items, including cannon balls, and 17th or 18th Century coins were also discovered.  The precise date of the coins has not yet been declared.

Here is a link for more of that story.

I'll keep it short and sweet today, or should I say this evening.

I appreciate all responses to the blog poll.  That helps us get good information.

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