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3/6/13 Report - Six - Ten Foot Surf Predicted

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Gold Coins Found Under Floor of Pub.
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Sunday is still the day to watch for.  The surfing web sites are predicting a 6 - 10 foot surf for Sunday now, and up to 8 foot for Monday.  That is getting me excited.

We haven't had a ten foot surf for a long time.  And this prediction is sticking.  It hasn't decreased like is often the case.

Combined with the north winds that are predicted, a 10 foot surf has a very good chance of significantly improving beach detecting conditions.  It seems they are giving a fairly large range this time 6 to 10 feet rather than 8 - 10 feet, for example.  Nonetheless, this is most promising prediction of the year so far.

This morning the wind is from the northwest and there is some light rain.  The surf on the Treasure Coast is only about 2 feet.  If the predictions are correct, the surf will increase Friday and Saturday up to the Sunday peak, then decreasing slowly again.


A hoard of gold Guineas and Half-Guineas from the 17th Century (photo above) were found under the floor of an Irish pub during construction work.

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I was thinking last night about the times that I was detecting and came across a person or group of people frantically hunting for something they just lost.  In a way that is a very good situation.  The item, if it is metallic, is almost always found when that happens.

If the item was just lost, they know almost exactly where it was lost.  That makes it easy to find the item.  The biggest problem is getting everybody to back out of the search area so you can hunt it properly.  Kids will tend to want to keep hunting or try to be looking over your shoulder and be in the way unless you make it clear that they must get out of the search area so you can swing your coil and hunt a pattern without any obstacles or distractions.

As I thought about those situations when I came across people hunting a recently dropped item, I can't think of one time when I failed to find the item and return it to the owner.  (I've talked before about how important it is to get a very good description of the lost item so there is no mistaking if any other found items might be the lost item.  When hunting one item there is always a chance you will find another.  Never show a found item before you have a good chance to look at it yourself and determine if it is the item that was described - another advantage of having everyone back out of the search area.)

If you can get people to remain where an item was lost there is a better chance of finding it.  Or if they can not remain where the item was dropped, have them mark the spot with something not likely to be moved.

I've come across people hunting engagement rings, wedding bands, gold chains, eye glasses, and keys.  All were found and returned.

Don't expect a reward.  Most people don't offer one no matter how valuable the item is or what you did to find it for them.  It is very gratifying when they do express appreciation though, which doesn't always happen either.  I don't understand people sometimes.


Thanks to this blog, it looks like we might have found someone who lives near Oklawaha to hunt the buried aluminum canoe.

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