Thursday, March 7, 2013

6/7/13 Report - Big Surf Predicted, Poll Results & Sunstone Found

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Fort Pierce Surf Predictions From Magic Seaweed.
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This is what I've been talking about lately.  Up to a ten foot surf is still predicted for Sunday.  The prediction of a ten foot surf has been consistent over several days now.  High surf predictions often fade.  The predictions have remained stable in this case.  That is both a bit surprising and very promising.

Ten foot seas could really improve beach detecting conditions, especially if the wind is right.

Of course it could turn out to be more towards the lower end of the range, maybe closer to six feet.  A six foot surf could also improve beach detecting conditions if other factors are right.

It certainly is the most promising prediction we've had all year.  Time will tell.


The blog poll has concluded and the results are in.  The way the poll was constructed I can't tell exactly how many people responded because each respondent could select more than one answer.

Several things are evident.  First, there were nine people who reported that their car was broken into while at the beach.  Given that there were undoubtedly less than 100 respondents, that means that more than 1 out of 10 people have had that problem.   That means you should be careful.  A break-in could really ruin a nice day at the beach.

More car break-ins were reported at locations other than the beach though.  That isn't surprising since most people spend a lot more time at places other than the beach.

More than 20 home break-ins were reported by readers of this blog.  That can ruin a nice day too.  That is also why I often say recommend NOT keeping valuable finds at home.  I recommend a safe deposit box. 

The only good thing I see in the results is that more than half of the respondents have never had a problem with a break-in or theft.

One of the worst things I see in the poll results, is that if you do become a victim, the chances of getting your stuff back or getting justice is close to nothing.   Despite the fact that more than 78 offenses were reported, only five people said that a suspect was caught.  That is not too good.


The St. Lucie Metal Detecting Club hunt that was originally scheduled for Saturday March 9 has been cancelled.


The other day when I was talking about hunting for recently dropped items when people were found in the process of hunting, I should have mentioned that a good number of those were in the water - at least half.  It really doesn't make much difference although rough water can make it a little more difficult to run a tight search pattern and might make the precise spot less certain.  It is easy for people to drift away from the spot when they are pushed by rough water, the tide and water level changes and they can't see the bottom clearly.


Icollector has a Bunch of auctions coming soon.  Among the items being auctioned are lots of coins, firearms and movie props.  I noticed a lot of Liberty gold coins in one auction.  Also lots of silver dollars and some gold eight-reales.

I always like to browse auction catalogs to familiarize myself with various types of items and get an idea of values.  I've made some mistakes in the past simply by not knowing the identity of an item that I dug.  If you can identify an item when you dig it, that tells you something about what else might be around and where to spend your time.

The value of items can be surprising.  A 1936D quarter can be more valuable than a gold coin.   Even though that is true, I'm sure most detectorists would be happy anytime they find a gold coin.  It is just one of those things detectorists like, and it doesn't happen real often.


Scientist claim that they might have found a "sunstone," the stuff of Viking saga said to aid navigation by pointing to the sun when not easily visible.  Is it myth or reality?

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