Wednesday, March 20, 2013

3/20/13 Report - Books, Pot, Rings and Things

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Diamond Ring Beach Find
Somebody said that they looked for the book about gold coin hoards that I mentioned the other day  and found that it was selling for $100.   Books on numismatics are often expensive, but what I always recommend is at least finding the book in a library to preview before spending much money on a book. 

Even if your branch doesn't have the book, you can ask them to get it for you through an inter library loan.  They can usually get the book from another library and have it sent to your branch.  I've always been able to get difficult to find books through inter library loans.   

If you can't get somebody in the local public library to do it for you (I think you should), see if you can find someone in a University, either faculty or student, who should be able to get a copy of most books for you to inspect through the university system.  One of the things I always liked about working in a university is that you had very good access to library collections. 

If you do find the book you want to look at in the library, take a digital camera or make a few copies of select pages using the coin operated photo copy machines. 

I wouldn't spend a lot of money on an expensive book without first getting a preview somehow.  And books are generally very expensive these days. 

Don't forget the digitized resources that I've mentioned in the past.

These days libraries are getting rid of a lot of their books and providing more digital access instead.  You can often pick up free books when libraries thin their holdings.  And you'll find a lot of ex-libris books in thrift stores.

The diamond ring shown above is marked 18K.  Sometimes the diamond size will be marked in the band too.  The diamond hasn't been tested but shows inclusions (sign of a real diamond) when a jewelers loop is used.  Also, fake diamonds are usually not found in higher karat gold.

People come to the Treasure Coast thinking of shipwreck treasures, but of course you can find other types of things as well.  The Treasure Coast isn't great for jewelry hunting.  Not nearly as good as some of the bigger tourist areas.

 I've noticed really a lot of snow bird traffic this year.

$4 million dollars of pot was discovered on a California beach.  That happens on our local beaches too.  I remember one morning when two big bales showed up on a local treasure beach.

You never know what you might find on a beach - and not all of them are good.   Be prepared for anything.

Treasure Detectives is heavily advertised NBC show that might be of some interest.  I found the first couple of programs disappointing but according to their schedule of future programs some may be of more interest to detectorists and treasure hunters.

Here is the link.

I might be mistaken but I think they contacted me back about a year ago or so.  Maybe it was another TV show that I'm thinking of, but I think that was one of them.  There have been a few.

Today we still have a two to three foot surf.  Nothing exciting.  The surf will decrease a little in a day or two.  On top of all that, the tide is changing very little these days.

You can still find a few things, although conditions for finding shipwreck cobs on the beach is very poor right now.  Also most jewelry finds will be recent more recent drops. 

Nonetheless, there are always a few nooks and crannies where it is possible to find some older stuff if you look around enough.

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