Saturday, March 9, 2013

3/9/13 Report - Surf Increasing But Very Little Erosion So Far

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Walton Rocks Looking South.

Jensen Beach View From the North.

I went out this afternoon just after low tide to see what if anything was going on at the beach.  Above you see Jensen Beach and Walton Rocks.  Neither exhibited the slightest degree of erosion so far even though the surf is increasing as predicted.

There were a good number of snow birds on the beach.  At Jensen beach there were more sun bathers north of where I took the photo from.  I saw a lot of out-of-state license plates.

The tide was starting to come in, and the surf was increasing as I left.

The most interesting thing I saw was how far back the water got a John Brooks.  It was nearly as far back as when we had Sandy.  That surprised me, but still I didn't see enough to cause an increase in my beach detecting conditions rating.

Water Near the Back Dunes.

You might remember the water in about the same place after Sandy.  You can see the high water mark in the above photo.

The front beach here was sloped and mushy (picture below).  Some of the sand from the front slope evidently was pushed up onto the flat beach.  There are times when small cobs appear in with shells when a beach looks something like this.

As we saw during Sandy, when there was very little erosion to the front and middle beaches, some beaches still produced cobs even though little or no erosion was present.

Slope Mushy Front Beach Not Showing Any Signs of Erosion.

Detectorist Checking Out Beach In Front of High Water Line Saturday Afternoon.
While there was no erosion to be found on the beaches that I saw, the water did get pretty high on at least one beach.  It is sometimes surprising how differently different beaches are affected.

I would not be surprised if the water hit the cliff of the back dunes on some of the more narrow and low beaches that I did not see today.   I would definitely check beaches like that.  And I would not be surprised if one or two cobs would be found today.  Still, like I said, I didn't see enough for me to increase my beach detecting conditions rating yet.

The most encouraging thing to me is that up to a 10 foot surf  is still predicted for Sunday, and the wind is from the northeast.  Unfortunately, the waves were hitting the beaches that I saw today at near a ninety degree angle.  I'd like to see the waves coming in from more of an angle.

Since we still have a higher surf ahead of us, there is still a good chance for improvement in detecting conditions, especially considering how high the water got on some beaches already.

I did check a few areas qquickly with my detector and found a few light metallic targets in the area of the swash.  Not much though.

There was also a dip forming in front of a couple of beaches.

We'll have to see what tomorrow brings.  Monday should really tell the tale.

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